South Hills Real Estate Transactions During the Week of July 11, 2021



Baldwin Borough

Andrew Gower sold the property at 5248 Blossom Road to Julianne Cranmer for $ 200,000.

Cheryl Ann Blossle has sold her property at 54 Burgess St. Herman Kramer for $ 65,000.

Gomati Dhami sold 448 Jenne Drive to Bidier and Januka Acharya for $ 205,000.

Treefrog Holding LLC sold the property at 281 Mary Street to Quality Homes Property Solutions LLC for $ 60,000.

The James Dowd estate sold the property at 1339 Short Street to Zachary Webb for $ 286,000.


Harka Bahadur Rai sold the property at 63 Bellanca Avenue to Christopher Weigold and Amy Rassman for $ 144,200.

John Nicklas sold the property at 2731 Pyramid Ave. Mojo Properties LLC for $ 122,000.

Jefferson Hills

Gary Richardson sold 113 Camino Court property to Brent Eugene Richardson for $ 150,000.

Pleasant hills

Andrew Meshanko sold the property at 377 Maize Drive to Matthew and Jennifer Harlacher for $ 320,000.

Estate of Stan Jasinski sold the property at 565 Torwood Lane to Charles Beech Properties 100 LLC for $ 115,750.


Todd Mountjoy sold the property at 4662 Cook Ave. Emily Houston Bower for $ 208,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold the property at 4835 Doyle Road to Julia Moran for $ 263,500.

Randy Swackhammer Jr. sold the property at 106 Homer Pl to Samuel Baker for $ 230,000.

Andrew Hebson sold the property at 185 Peach Drive to Julius Thomas Quick and Christine Marie Berger for $ 325,000.

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