South Hills Real Estate Transactions During the Week of Aug 22, 2021



Baldwin Borough

Jeffrey Smonski sold the property at 472 First St. Simeon Barnett for $ 173,500.

Trustee Brian Stone sold the property at 1719 Beryl Drive to Ritan and Suk Maya Gurung for $ 179,000.

Stephen Totin sold the property at 1145 Cloverfield Drive to Michael Kravets and Rachel Portman for $ 155,000.

Robert Nicholas Jr. sold the property at 5278 Curry Road to Lee Ann Bates for $ 172,000.

Anthony Rousick sold the property at 5050 Frich Drive to Anthony Rousik III and Lindsay Rousick for $ 190,000.

Mark Scanlon Jr. sold the property at 3052 Harmening Ave. Robert Nathan Karman and Jordan Coccaro for $ 149,900.

Donald Eric Jochum sold 5261 Holiday Drive to Derek Malush and Abigail Marini for $ 219,900.

Vidad Salman sold the property at 2967 Ruthwood Ave. Emily Reis for $ 150,000.

David Kramer sold the property at 32 Somerset Street to Dianne and Lauren Donnelly for $ 105,000.

Robert Dreyer’s estate sold the property at 1653 Streets Run Road to Jeffrey Hoff for $ 125,000.

Baldwin Township

Eastern Bldg Group Inc. sold property at 548 Briarwood Ave. Zachary and Heather Tucker for $ 59,900.

Yazen Diab Al-Badayneh sold the property at 609 Donaldson Drive to Sean Kunar for $ 189,000.


US Property Partners LLC sold the property at an undisclosed address to SFR3 020 LLC for $ 85,000.

Chao Yun Liang sold the property at 3004 Bremen Avenue to Philip Geisler Jr. for $ 144,000.

Keith Appenrott sold the property at 427 E Garden Road to Three B Development LLC for $ 86,000.

Nikolay Babkin sold real estate to Gina Stalma at 2928 Elroy Avenue for 88 thousand dollars.

Richard Ritter sold the property at 3906 Meadowbrook Blvd. at Uptown Blvd LLC for $ 24,444.

Lawrence Shanahan sold the property at 3902 Theresa Ave. FYM One LLC for $ 92,000.

Brandon Dunbar sold the property at 141 W Bellecrest Ave. Fredy Sol Lopez Maurico for $ 160,000.

Jefferson Hills

Estate of Cyril Buechel sold the property at 126 Chapelridge Drive to Judy Wolfe for $ 174,000.

Maronda Homes LLC sold 119 Chesapeake Drive to Justin Eric and Betsy Lynn Marburger for $ 362,495.

Kenneth Hawrilla sold the property on Gill Hall Road to E3 Real Estate LLC for $ 15,000.

The estate of Larry Ott Sr. sold the property at 1129 Gill Hall Road to Eric Glitch and Brittany Toth for $ 183,000.

Rodney Nekchai sold the property at Retriever Ln, 105 to Bryce and Rebecca Kampa for $ 410,000.

Envionmentally Sound Enterprises LLC has sold the property at 156 Washington Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 80,000.

Pleasant hills

Michael Hribick sold 304 Dutch Ln to Ryan and Gillian Sachs for $ 275,000.

Danelle Yercki sold the property at 314 Farm Lane to Denise Yercki for $ 200,000.

Trustee Tracy Birdsey sold the property at 243 Nantucket Drive to SFR3000 LLC for $ 114,950.

Clark Hess sold the property at 35 Ott Drive to Dale and Taylor Kroll for $ 205,000.

John Capezzuto sold the property at 453 Sequoia Drive to Shane and Crystal Eckels for $ 165,000.

Brett Balash sold the property at 117 Spence Lynn Themona Drive for $ 172,050.

Estate of Richard Buczkowski sold 366 Toura Drive to Michael Costante and Lindsay Hart for $ 105,000.


Matthew Simonyi sold 4915 Brownsville Road to Antonio Tralongo for $ 249,900.

Stephanie Ann Lash sold 4747 Doyle Road to Stephen Adelgren for $ 175,250.

Michael Kornack sold the 1146 Avenue property to Patrick Ziegler for $ 168,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 184 Providence Way to Mark and Carol Gattuso Ferraco for $ 365,010.

NVR Inc. sold the property at Providence Way, 186 to William Allen Jr. and Virginia Allen for $ 318,779.

NVR Inc. sold property at 190 Providence Way to Joshua and Angelina Bees for $ 337,135.

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