Song Kang: Round 4 of the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic Competition


In his final round at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, Son Kang hit 10 of 14 fairways and 10 of 18 greens in normal mode, finishing 3 fewer in the tournament. Kang finished his round in 74th place, three places behind; Joaquin Niemann and Troy Merritt tied for first place under 14; Hank Lebioda and Cam Davis tied for third from 13-13; and Brandon Hague is in 5th place under 12.

First on par 4, Kang’s 112 yards approach to 2 feet set him up for a bird on the hole. This moved Kang 1 less per round.

After driving to the right side of the fairway on hole 6, 461 yards par-4, Kang made a 166 yards approach with a bird in mind. This moved Kang 2 down in the round.

Kang got a bogeyman on a 372-yard eighth par-4, going to the greens in 3 and 2 puts, moving Kang 1 less per round.

At 393 yards, 13th par-4, Kang had a ghost after hitting the green in three and two putings, bringing Kang to par for the round.

After going 300 yards in the 555-yard 14th race, Kang landed his third 1-foot shot, which he threw onto the birdie with one hit to the hole. This moved Kang 1 less per round.

On 17th par-5, Kang made his fourth shot from 4 yards from the green, hitting a bird in the hole. This moved Kang 2 down in the round.

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