Son Heung-Meena contract: Tottenham repaid £ 175m loan from Bank of England to renew forward contract



How did the loan affect the movement of players at Tottenham?

When Tottenham first took out the loan, the club stated that the opportunity “would not be used to attract players,” and it is also implied that the loan included restrictions on bonuses and “senior salaries.”

Tottenham have not signed any major new contracts with the players since they received the loan.

What about the Son’s contract?

At the start of the season, Tottenham began talking to South Korean striker Son about a new long-term contract with the club to reward him for being in good shape.

By the end of October 2020, a deal had been broadly agreed upon, bringing Son closer to Spurs’ top players Harry Kane and Tanguy Ndombele. But Tottenham were unable to announce it, given the Bank of England loan.

When asked about the situation in February 2021, then Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho said it was not the right time to discuss it. “In this situation in the world we are in, in the situation with COVID-19, I do not think that now is the right time for players and clubs to negotiate contracts with so many people who are losing their jobs, and difficulties are not working,” he said. Mourinho. …

“I believe that when the sun shines again for the world, I believe the club and Sonny will come to a conclusion fairly easily.”

Now that Tottenham have paid the Bank of England the debt, they can confirm Son’s new deal.

(Photo: Tottenham Hotspur / Tottenham Hotspur via Getty Images)


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