Son denies ownership of deceased mother’s house on reverse mortgage



The son relinquished ownership of his deceased mother’s home as part of a reverse mortgage at The Villages.

The situation is causing headaches for inspectors in Community Development District 4. The house at 17479 SE, 82nd Pecan Terrace was the subject of a public hearing Friday afternoon before the council at its monthly meeting at Savannah Center.

17479 SE 82nd Pecan Terrace
17479 SE 82nd Pecan Terrace

There is mold on the house, a torn tarpaulin on the roof. There is no one in the house, utility bills are overdue.

Alan Berry Todd told Community Standards that his mother, the previous owner of the property, had passed away.

“There is a reverse mortgage through HUD, and when he tried to buy property, HUD turned him down,” said Community Standards Manager Candice Dennis.

Todd told public standards that he does not own the property, but a check at the appraiser’s office reveals that he is the owner. On April 15, 2019, Lucille Todd was transferred to Alan Berry Todd.

“Since this is a reverse mortgage, it could go on forever,” said supervisor Don Deakin.

Obviously, troubled property has become an eyesore in the area.

A tarp on the roof of a house at 17479 SE 82nd Pecan Terrace.
The roof of the house at 17479 SE 82nd Pecan Terrace is covered with tarpaulin.

“There is a tarpaulin on the roof, so there is a leak. So the neighbors have to look at it every day, ”said Inspector Cliff Wiener.

The board agreed to give the property owner seven days to bring the property in line. If it is not aligned, a $ 150 fine will be imposed, followed by $ 50 daily fines.


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