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There are many subdivisions that offer beautiful views from some of the lots, or beautiful views before houses are built and partial views when the subdivision is full of houses. Soaring Eagle, a new administrative-level neighborhood currently under construction in Redlands, has stunning views from every lot, and since the smallest lot is larger than an acre, new homes won’t block out neighbors.

The Soaring Eagle is in a neighborhood outside of the city and an agreement with Persigo, which means all houses will have septic tanks rather than being connected to the city’s sewer network. That way, they’ll be in large areas, which is great news for those who don’t want to reach out and shake hands with a neighbor while they brush their teeth in the morning.

The area is located near the Colorado National Monument, on the north side of Highway 340, west of Highway 19 1/2. The uncultivated land is not a typical desert, but there is a lot of grass and trees. The developer has made every effort to define the boundaries of the parcels in order to preserve as many trees as possible. Due to the size of the plot, trees do not obstruct the view, but give the building a well-established look, even when roads are being built.

The first application has 39 lots, but some have already been reserved. The remaining 12 plots range from just over an acre to just over three acres, with most being less than an acre and a half. Additional applications may contain larger batches, but the next application will not be available until the summer of 2022.

Infrastructure construction, which includes the construction of roads and utility lines to each site, is ongoing and the developer hopes to complete it by September.

The Soaring Eagle will have several public facilities, including two ponds and a community center that will have a commercial kitchen, conference rooms, conference rooms and outdoor recreation areas with a large playground and pickleball court.

Builders with custom home clients began purchasing plots starting at $ 250,000. There is a list of preferred builders for those who are interested in a lot but do not have a builder in mind. Based on the price of the lot, the houses are likely to cost around $ 800,000 or more, depending on size, design, amenities, and the rise in building materials costs.

Although there is no sewerage in the area, there is water for irrigation and it is served by Ute Water for domestic needs and Xcel for gas and electricity.

There is an architectural control committee that approves house designs and materials used to build houses. Homes must be 2,400 square feet if single-story, but two-story homes are allowed. The main floor of a two-story home must be at least 2,200 square feet. All homes should have a three-car garage.

Your 3A team at Bray Real Estate, which includes Merwright Watt, Keel Rowling and Bobby Boe, are Soaring Eagle’s exclusive listing agents.


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