Snapdocs gives lenders a proven way to go digital.



The technological components needed to digitize closures, such as electronic signatures and webcams, have been around for decades. But until recently, digital closure has not been applied on a large scale. The limiting factor was not technology, but the fact that the closure process requires the coordinated participation of many members of the fragmented ecosystem – each with their own chosen technologies and workflows.

Snapdocs has evolved into a digital infrastructure that links the mortgage closure ecosystem to deliver the perfect digital closure at any scale. This allows lenders to contact all parties and technologies involved in the mortgage transaction to complete the entire online closure process. The platform allows all participants in a mortgage transaction to work together to close transactions faster, more efficiently and with significantly fewer errors.

The Snapdocs technology platform is built on a multi-stakeholder workflow engine that coordinates the actions of all stakeholders in closing a mortgage loan, providing clarity and transparency at every step of the process.

This capability connects to any Loan Disbursement System (LOS) or document preparation provider, allowing all users to stay on their systems of choice while Snapdocs is running to improve the experience in the background. Snapdocs then uses artificial intelligence to ensure the accuracy of each document and closing batch, eliminating the errors and costs associated with rework.

The technology itself does not allow for large-scale shutdowns. For the foreseeable future, lenders will surely have the ability to manage multiple types of closures, be it wet-signed, fully digital, or a hybrid of the two. Snapdocs believes that a consistent process for all closures is key to unlocking scale and ROI. Snapdocs offers lenders a pragmatic, proven path to implementing digital closing – an approach that also offers borrowers modern digital closing every time.

Snapdocs now provides millions of closures a year for lenders, title companies and notaries, affecting nearly 20% of all U.S. real estate transactions every month, which is more than $ 60 billion worth of mortgages.

“Snapdocs is at the background of the closure of the most successful lenders, providing the necessary infrastructure for massive digital closures,” said Aaron King, CEO of Snapdocs.

Waterstone Mortgage is just one example of the power of the Snapdocs platform in action. Waterstone is one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders with 650 employees in 48 states. In early 2020, Waterstone used Snapdocs to spearhead a strategic initiative to move all closures fully digital. In just three months, the company was able to move from zero digital closure to closing 70% of its loans as a hybrid closure.

“We are already seeing Snapdocs and our default hybrid offering become a competitive advantage,” said Tom Knapp, CIO, Waterstone Mortgage. “It is still a pleasant surprise for some when they chose Waterstone Mortgage as their partner, but now borrowers are turning to us because of this.”

In 2020, Waterstone closed 40% more mortgages than the previous year, with the same number of closing deals. On average, the company’s hybrid electronic closures were 60% faster than wet closures, with an 80% reduction in errors.


Aaron King, CEO

Aaron King has worked in mortgage lending since high school. Aaron founded Snapdocs in 2013 with the goal of improving the mortgage closure process.


Camelia Martin, Head of Industry and Regulatory Affairs

Snapdocs, where she is partnering with a wide range of industry players to push forward the adoption of digital mortgage closings.


Briana Ings, VP of Products

Briana’s teams prioritize providing pragmatic solutions to lenders through a modern and intuitive workflow, powerful AI capabilities, and seamless integration with core systems.


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