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STERLING, VA / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2021 / “If you have to go crazy, then go crazy,” says Michael Martinez, loan officer for SN Mortgage Company. “If you are a little upset about your situation, that’s okay. I will not let the train go off the rails. ” He saw it all along the way to his borrowers taking ownership of the house and the relief, satisfaction – even dinner invitations – that usually follow them. Michael’s confidence is combined with his brutal honesty about his own struggles to succeed in the industry, but that honesty has propelled him to the top echelon of loan officers. Mortgage professionals live in a world of high rates, managing complex logistics while managing customer expectations for the most successful purchase many have ever made. And while intuition dictates that every interaction in this role should be treated with great delicacy, Michael realized that this is not a way to earn trust.

“Honesty and transparency – every real estate agent and loan officer takes pride in it. But when you have to explain to someone what really needs to be done in order for them to become the owner of the house they dream of, are you being honest with them? their advice that will really help them? Or do you just click to get this app, toss the Hail Mary and never call them back if it doesn’t work at first? Because it’s not worth anyone’s time. “

Mortgage loan officers fulfill a multifaceted role: they attract a range of borrowers and select loan options for them that meet their needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all proposal; although borrowers may expect their bank to provide them with the best loan terms and smoothest process, this is not the case. The ideal loan for a given borrower depends on their goals and preferences, and the loan securing process must include constant feedback to avoid inevitable disruptions. Michael explains that avoiding this reality will only cause confusion. “People think that buying a house is like buying a car because that’s what they are being sold for. But this kind of expectation causes anxiety and frustration when obstacles arise. If your loan officer has prepared you for this and you have realistic expectations, you will be ready to handle whatever happens. “

Loan officers, also called lenders, are usually socialites looking into any opportunity to contact real estate agents and potential clients. For those who need to create a “network” image, this can be a tedious chore. But Michael, who still receives a steady stream of referrals from the Northern Virginia locals he grew up with, never did the facades, even when things didn’t go as well. “I have nothing to hide,” explains Michael. “Once you reach a certain [low] The point is, you just don’t care what anyone thinks. And I was able to change that. “

Michael has fond memories of his years as a restaurant manager, where he was loved by patrons and staff. But he also recalls her problems: “To work in the hospitality industry, you need to have thick skin. Because you will endure some abuse. For some it is a defeat, and for others it is the motivation to be the best. ” Even though he is still shamelessly fixated on being the best in his region, Michael admits to having met a critical moment before. “I’m one of those people who feel better when my back is against the wall. But I think I became a glutton for punishment, and I saw myself walking on a path that threatened my family life. It’s crazy how quickly you can get out of having too much pride not to have it at all. It was then that I realized that I had to change my priorities. “

He left the restaurant industry with an unrivaled rapport with customers and a dose of humility. “I’ve always had the gift of empathy for what people are going through. But it takes humility to open up and use it. ” He explains that humble behavior not only calms the customer, but also increases the effectiveness of his marketing. “When I got into this industry, I didn’t quite understand what I was doing. So I turned on the camera and said, “I don’t know all the answers, but I promise to find the answers you need.” He believes Michael’s social media posts open up a dialogue with potential borrowers who may not have felt comfortable sending messages to a lender they didn’t think was appropriate. “Sometimes they just want to know that you are real with them.”

Given the exceptionally high rate of home ownership among young adults in his home county of Loudon (where Michael’s SN Mortgage Company is home), Michael believes he has found a niche in dealing with buyers and agents in his age group. “We don’t sugarcoat things. And we are often skeptical of those who do it. ” It’s a matter of honesty and long-term loyalty for Michael, which offers a typical example: “Just because I can get someone’s approval doesn’t mean it’s right for that person.”

Real estate partners also appreciate his candor. “He’s not the kind of person who thinks, ‘Let’s get to your credit history right now,’ you know?” says Northern Virginia agent Uday Kartik Kammula, who referred clients to Michael. “It comes from a very advisory point of view.” Michael’s relationship with the agents appears to be normal friendships; there are phone calls, meetings and messaging without any specific agenda. “I make sure people know they’re still on my mind. I won’t let anyone slip away. “

He knows how important it is to work with agents you can rely on. Michael explains from the point of view of the borrower: “You have to have an agent on your side 100%, just like you have to have an LO by your side. Just showing you at home and making an offer is not enough. ” He encourages potential buyers to contact him before they even start shopping for the home, if possible. But for those who already have a buyer’s agent selected: “It’s important to send an email or text message representing me so that I can call and tell them about your strengths, your financial situation and how much you would like to get into this house. Basically, for me, this is a way to strengthen you. And that makes a big difference. “

In his opinion, Michael’s relationship with the agent is as important as the relationship with the customer. But that goes far beyond the scope of the deal. “If I become the best real estate agent, I will become the best loan officer. A big part of my business model is to maximize their potential because it helps me improve myself. “

He encourages his borrowers: “It is so important for you to know your value as a client. Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean that you have to accept whatever is thrown at you. I can scream. Come up with a bunch of words and acronyms that just confuse and confuse people. But I urge everyone to ask questions and never be ashamed of what you need me to walk you through the steps, because that’s my job. That’s why I’m here. “

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