Sless Group PRMI adds Bair as creditor



Stephen J. Sless’s Group of Primary Residential Mortgage (PRMI), the lender’s direct retail consumer lending arm that specializes exclusively in reverse mortgages in Owings Mills, Maryland, has added Jonathan “Jake” Baer as the initiator of the reverse mortgage loan, according to a posting in Thursday. announcement from the company.

Jake Baer

Baer, ​​a mercenary who will be based from the department newly created The West Coast branch in San Diego, California will act as a loan advisor for senior clients seeking a reverse mortgage and will partner with other relevant finance professionals as needed.

“We are delighted to welcome Jake Baer, ​​a proven talent and respected leading manufacturer of reverse mortgages,” Division President Stephen J. Sless said in Baer’s hiring announcement. “I am confident that Jake’s presence and deep knowledge base will help us serve more homeowners over 60 and their advisors.”

Baer has eight years of reverse mortgage lending experience, previously worked in the reverse mortgage business at Global Equity Finance and most recently at Open Mortgage’s San Diego office.

“I am honored to join the Sless Group and contribute to a growing and innovative team of like-minded professionals who are committed to bringing the topic of reverse mortgages to every qualified household,” Baer said in his hiring announcement. “A reverse mortgage is not just a loan; rather, it is a tool that can fundamentally change the standard of living of older people in our country. I will continue to devote my time and efforts to improving the quality of service for customers who are interested in the opportunity to change their lives. “

On a loan data According to Reverse Market Insight (RMI), PRMI is currently ranked as the 22nd largest reverse mortgage lender in the country based on wholesale and retail approvals data for the 12-month period ending February 2021.


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