SIRVA Launches Mortgage and Housing Services Program for BJ Wholesale Club Members



Home Benefits offers a carefully curated home buying experience that leverages access to an excellent selection of mortgages, real estate and relocation services.

Chairman and CEO of SIRVA Inc. Tom Oberdorf sees SIRVA’s commitment to leveraging its pass-through expertise and customer service excellence in the retail home buying market as a key driver of the program. “We understand that buying a home is a challenging, life-changing event, which is why SIRVA and our family of brands are proud to present the SIRVA Home Benefits program for BJ Wholesale Club members who value peace of mind, efficiency and savings,” said Tom Oberdorf, CEO of SIRVA. “Convenience is at the forefront of our strategy as we offer BJ members an optimized way to find a home with a participating agent, loan financing to buy or refinance, and coordinate the movement of their home goods in one place while accumulating thousands of savings.”

“We are delighted that SIRVA has launched the Home Benefits program to offer our members even more value and convenience,” said Bill Werner, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development, BJ’s Wholesale Club. “Our commitment to providing essential products and services is further underscored by the Home Benefits program, which allows members flexible control over the mortgage process and access to home services in a convenient department store.”

Benefits associated with the SIRVA Home Benefits program include:

One-stop buying, selling and moving home rewards
According to the National Association of Realtors, the three most difficult steps in the home buying process are finding the right property, getting the paperwork done, and understanding the home buying process. Oberdorf goes on to say that “Home Benefits provides a simple, seamless and rewarding way to connect clients with experts in buying, selling and relocating homes under one roof.” The new BJ Housing Benefit program will be network-wide and will offer access to the SIRVA Preferred Broker Network (PBN), the award-winning SIRVA Mortgage lender, as well as a directory of relocation options including regional and interstate relocation services in North America. Van Lines, Allied Van Lines and SMARTBOX.

World-class mortgage services:
With over 25 years of experience in the Home Benefits program, the designated lender, SIRVA Mortgage, offers consumers access to over 200 loan products including conventional, FHA, large and veteran loans, fast pre-approval, as well as up to USD 2,000 final cost credit to buy a house or refinance… As a mortgage lender with a 96% customer satisfaction rating, SIRVA Mortgage “Multiple Lender Approach” allows you to compare rates and terms from multiple lenders while maintaining control over your loan throughout the entire process.

Selection of a professional real estate agent:
The SIRVA Preferred Broker Network (PBN), which is made up of many of the largest US real estate firms, connects clients with a local experienced agent who is well suited to their purpose, knowledgeable about the market and equipped to assist in buying a home, selling property, or both. the other at the same time. Customers using an agent named in the program to buy / sell may earn USD 500 cashback for each USD 100,000 in the value of the house after closing.

Moving services and much more:
The next important step after you close your home is planning your big move. Home Benefits connects a shopper with services in their area to meet their local, interstate and portable storage needs, courtesy of North America. Van Lines, Allied Van Lines and SMARTBOX. Members can also receive a bonus USD 250 AMEX Gift Card when using two or more software services.

“Our goal is to raise the bar in home buying, including providing flexible, one-stop access to everything buyers need; we help them throughout the entire process, from a simple dream of a new home to getting the keys to move in, ”said Stephanie Captain, Director, SIRVA Affinity Services. “The Home Benefits Mortgage and Housing Services Program makes the process of selling and buying a home both smooth and rewarding from start to finish.”

About SIRVA, Inc

SIRVA Worldwide Relocation and Moving is a global leader in relocation and relocation services, offering mobility solutions to companies of all sizes. With 59 of our own offices and more than 900 offices and dealerships in 177 countries, we offer unrivaled global reach, backed by localized attention and innovative technologies that deliver the right balance of self-service and support for people. Our portfolio of brands (SIRVA, Team Relocations, Allied, NorthAmerican and SMARTBOX) – from relocation to home furnishings, commercial relocation and storage – is the only integrated relocation / relocation solution in the industry. Through our global network, we provide the superior experience that only a one-stop shop can provide.

About BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc

Headquartered in Westboro, MassachusettsBJ’s Wholesale Club is the leading operator of member warehouse clubs in Eastern United States… The company currently operates 222 clubs and 150 BJ Gas® offices in 17 states.

Ordinary shares of the Company are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: Blow job).

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