Sierra Pacific Wholesale pre-approval closes loans quickly



In today’s fast-growing housing market, mortgage brokers want to be able to close loans faster and more efficiently. To do this, they need to partner with experienced account managers and an operations team that is well equipped to handle high volumes. Sierra Pacific Wholesale understands what brokers need to win – and it works with the right partner.

“We are digging-in problem solvers to overcome any obstacles to closing deals,” said Jim Coffrini, President and CEO. “We have a proven track record of supporting brokers with unparalleled service throughout the entire process by enhancing the human approach as well as integrating technology. Our partners believed that we are the same people as they are, and our goals coincide. “

Sierra Pacific Wholesale has been in business for over 30 years, providing a broad perspective to identify issues that automation might overlook. The company offers the latest technology because they know it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for brokers to have these resources.

Sierra Pacific’s proprietary brokerage portal, ExpressLoan, offers a range of customizable tools that provide Sierra Pacific’s TPO partners with a more intuitive and modern technology experience that supports the customer experience provided by Sierra Pacific Wholesale.

The company’s accelerated process allows brokers to instantly check a borrower’s employment, income and assets prior to disbursing a loan. This gives brokers more reliable pre-approvals that can compete with cash offers and therefore cuts processing and underwriting cycle times by almost half.

Chief Production Officer Jay Promisko said. “With clear goals and a commitment to the future of the mortgage industry, Sierra Pacific is focused on supporting its partners with industry expertise, collaboration and a multitude of product offerings.”

While the Sierra Pacific team understands that technology increases efficiency, they also believe that humanity is still critical in this business because it strengthens our relationships.

“For us, being the best means being close to our partner brokers every step of the way, and we’ve done this consistently for decades,” Coffrini said. “We are one of the very few lenders today operating under the same name and ownership as we did when we first started wholesale.”

Sierra Pacific Wholesale wants to help the brokerage community continue to thrive by maintaining collaborative relationships with lenders. For this reason, the company is investing heavily in its technology, processes, team and company infrastructure to support this growth.

The Sierra Pacific team believes that their most important task is to make brokers shine, which is why they offer loan products that allow brokers to work with a wide range of clients and close loans quickly.


Jim Coffrini, President and CEO

With over 30 years of experience, Jim Coffrini leads all of the company’s operations with a clear vision and well-defined strategies.


Jay Promisko, Production Director

Jay Promisko designs and implements strategies to increase Sierra Pacific’s market share for retail, direct and wholesale.


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