Sidley Represents Home Partners In The $ 6 Billion Acquisition Of Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust | news



Sidley represents Home Partners of America, Inc. (HPA) in the acquisition of Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust, Inc., a subsidiary of Blackstone Group Inc., in a $ 6.0 billion deal. HPA has a high quality portfolio of over 17,000 homes throughout the United States. Its management team is committed to the principles of Responsible Ownership and is committed to providing potential residents with the flexibility, choice and control in deciding where and how to live.

Team Sidley is led by Imad Qasim and Gary Gerstman and includes Matthew Stoker, Patrick Hogan and Diane Dubois (M&A); Kelly Lazaroff and Blair Belsky (Global Finance); Christian Browse, Katherine Funkhauser, Nathan Enfield and Jennifer Waklavik (tax); Matthew Johnson, Greg Marrs and Julia Sprungers (employee benefits); Gerard Cummins and Melanie Shashl (investment funds); Elizabeth McCloy and Matt Wooley (real estate); Heather Palmer and Maureen Crowe (ecology); Jennifer Coplan and Ryan Rutledge (Intellectual Property); Colleen Brown (Privacy); Joel Feinberg (banking); Barbara Broussard and Caris Galsworthy (Global Arbitration, Trade and Advocacy); and Leslie Schubert (FCPA).


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