Should you take out a loan to go to Disney World?


I didn’t take my children to Disney world until my eldest was 7 years old, despite the fact that I knew many people who came to us every year since their children were in diapers. To be honest, Disney just wasn’t on my list of places to go, so instead of visiting it, we decided to take our kids to national parks and other parts of the country. But in the end I relented, saying that we would go once to give our kids an experience.

Well, it turns out there’s a reason so many people talk about Disney magic – my kids had such a great time there that I took them away for the second year in a row. Seeing how much joy the trip to Disney gave my children, I was glad that we went twice. But making these trips was not easy. To rock them, we had to get down to business and save – a lot – because the last thing we wanted to do was borrow debt while on vacation.

However, many people do accumulate debts to visit Disney, which is not surprising given that the usual trip costs $ 6,033. Insider… If you want to go to Disney but cannot afford the full cost, you may want to consider buying vacation loan… But here’s why you shouldn’t do it and how to avoid it.

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Debt stress isn’t worth it

I know many people who share wonderful memories they made at Disney. At the same time, some of these people also have memories of constantly waking up in debt after travel.

Keeping debt on track can be very stressful, so generally, if you have inconsequential expenses that you cannot afford, you should not build up debt to pay for them. And this applies to vacation.

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Although Disney World can be a great place to visit if you take personal loan to make the trip there, that vacation will end up costing you more in interest. In addition, you can have debt payments hanging for years, which eat up some of your income and prevent you from achieving other financial goals. It may be better to find another place that your family will like, but not as expensive.

How to go to Disney for less money

However, your family can Indeed his heart is set for a trip to Disney and understandably so. But the good news is that there are steps you can take to make your trip more accessible.

Twice I took my kids to Disney, we drove 16 hours one way, because the cost of fuel and hotel accommodation along the way was much cheaper than the flight. Not everyone has the patience (or free time) to spend that many hours on the road, but if you choose, it can significantly reduce the cost of your trip. My family, for example, saved over $ 1,000 by traveling, not flying.

Another thing that allowed us to go to Disney for two years in a row was that we had a friend who owned real estate nearby, which he let us use for free. Most people don’t just have access to a home adjacent to Disney, but if you stay outside the resort and eat outside the parks, you can save a lot of money in the process. In return, we always ate breakfast at the house we stayed in, packed our lunches, and mostly dined at a local restaurant rather than inside the park system itself.

Finally, in our first year at Disney, we were pretty generous with souvenirs, but in our second year ago, we got stingier. Disney has shops and souvenir stalls everywhere you look, but if you limit the number of your kids right from the start, you can keep your costs down.

Disney World can be a truly wonderful experience, especially for children. And after the year we’ve all lived, you might want to invite your family to visit. But before borrowing to make your trip take place, consider other options, such as a modest vacation this year and saving for a trip to Disney next year. This way, you can enjoy your time at Disney without plunging into a lot of debt and stress afterwards.

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