Should you be worried about moon wobble floods?



Many of us do not pay attention to the moon if it is not particularly illuminated at night. But now there is a good reason to track the activity of the moon, especially if you are a homeowner.

The moon’s orbit is beginning to wobble, and in a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change in June, scientists say that wobble by the 2030s could alter the moon’s gravitational pull enough to affect sea level rise. Result? Flood surge in coastal cities of the country.

To be clear, climate change is already causing sea levels to rise. But now homeowners in coastal and low-lying cities may face a multitude of flood problems in the not too distant future.

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Should the wobble of the moon change your home buying plans?

Flood damage can be a homeowner’s biggest nightmare. If you are looking for a new home, it is important to do your research and see if any property you are looking at is in an area prone to flooding.

If you are thinking of moving to a coastal town or area that is not very high above sea level, you need to prepare for the possibility of flooding. And you also need to take steps to protect yourself from this.

There are two ways to do this. First, have extra money on hand. emergency fund… This way, you will have cash reserves to use if you need to pay any damage out of your pocket.

Second, make sure you have the right insurance. Often, homeowners insurance will not include coverage for flood damage. To do this, homeowners often need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

In fact, it is important to make sure the home you are about to buy is in a flood zone before buying so that you can not only know what risks you are signing up for, but also make sure you have what you need. coating in place. The best way to determine flood risk is to use the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website, which allows you to enter an address into your address. flood map to see if it enters the danger zone or not. Keep in mind that FEMA breaks down flood zones by risk, and there is a difference between buying a home in a low risk area and a high risk area.

If you are considering buying a home in a high flood risk area, it is important to provide adequate flood insurance. In fact, depending on where you buy, your mortgage lender may require you to purchase flood insurance before applying for a home loan.

Of course, it may be that when you research your home today, it will not be identified as being in a particularly flood-prone area. But this may change over time, especially if sea levels continue to rise and the Moon’s orbit continues to move along its erratic trajectory. As such, it is a good idea to check the condition of your home every few years, because while you may not need flood insurance to begin with, it may become something that will become necessary in the future.


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