Shamrock Capital Raises $ 200 Million For Authors Loans



Shamrock Capital, a private equity firm best known for buying music assets and entire companies, is also set to become a lender following the closure of a fund of about $ 200 million for a loan to intellectual property owners in music, film, television, games and sports, the company announced this week. …

According to the press release, the first Shamrock Capital Debt Opportunities Fund raised $ 196 million from both existing and new limited partners and will be managed by Shamrock partners and other Los Angeles-based investment professionals including pension funds, funds and financial institutions.

Shamrock made news in 2020 for a purchase Taylor swiftfrom Large machine catalog of Scooter BraunIthaca Holdings, which acquired the master records through its buying Big Machine in 2019. The company, which has approximately $ 3.8 billion under management, typically buys and invests in musical assets such as Stargate Publishing Directory, industry publication AdWeek and the fantasy sports platform FanDuel. But Shamrock views its Debt Opportunities Fund “as a natural extension” of its acquisition business, which “will provide opportunity and flexibility to content owners,” said Patrick Russo, a Shamrock partner, in a statement.


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