Seven-figure real estate business opens during COVID-19 pandemic



The real estate market, especially for affordable housing, has gone through several difficult years due to economic circumstances and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these periods also provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ways to add value to buyers and sellers. Two humble entrepreneurs who started a real estate business during the pandemic and have already achieved seven-figure earnings are Benny Fvelo and Marquis Robinson, the founders of the company. Skyview Acquisitions Group

Early start

Beni Fvelo was born in Congo and moved to the United States after graduating from high school. As a child, he was always interested in entrepreneurship, while studying, he tried to engage in various types of business, from organizing events to selling products at school. The arrival in the United States as an immigrant who could not speak English after school puzzled him, and he recalls that “it was a difficult transition period.” During his acclimatization in the United States, he completed several jobs, the first of which was a dishwasher. He knew it wouldn’t be a long task, and over time he managed to land a sales position at Comcast. He excelled in this role and began to dream of climbing the corporate ladder, forgetting about his entrepreneurial thoughts. However, despite doing a good job, his team was fired due to structural changes highlighting how fragile your job can be when you work for someone else, which reignited his desire to build his own business and control his own destiny.

While researching businesses he might be pursuing, he spoke to friends and family who worked in real estate, an area in which he was interested, and decided what he would study. After becoming more convinced, he decided to explore the sector, and “the first year was difficult,” he recalls. For the most part, this training was self-taught, before he eventually got his real estate license. There were mistakes in his first few deals, but he found his niche when he stumbled upon wholesales of real estate, where he matched buyers and sellers, making it much easier for them to process, and his company charged for services. Over time, the momentum began to grow and he was making good money to expand his team, which happened when he met his business partner, the Marquis Robinson.

Like Beni, the Marquis had an unusual path to real estate. He started his career with sales at Verizon. While this role was excellent for teaching sales and negotiation skills that would come in handy later on, it became apparent to the Marquis that this was not an area he was into. Initially, he studied to work in the field of education, grew up in a family where education was not common; he wanted to do something that he could give back to his community. He eventually left Verizon and worked as a teacher for 3 years, earning $ 2,000 a month, which was a great way for him to fulfill his mission of giving back, but he felt he could do more to earn income while giving back to the community. through entrepreneurship. He had known he was talented in sales since his time at Verizon and stumbled upon a real estate seminar that prompted him to explore the sector. He quit his job shortly after the 2018 workshop and had a mentor to help him learn how to do it. By 2020, he was making a six-figure profit from his real estate business, and that’s when Benny approached him to start the Skyview Acquisitions Group together.

Skyview Acquisitions Group

The duo formed the Skyview Acquisitions Group in late 2020 and began working on the company in early 2021. Initially operating in the wholesale market, matching buyers and sellers looking for a seamless deal requiring a much shorter selling process, the duo have since reinvested the profits and are now buying and renovating properties and then reselling them at a higher price. Given where the couple came from, buying and renovating affordable properties goes beyond just financial gain, they understand how scarce there is today, and as they expand into other areas such as apartment buildings, they expect this to be the direction of their development. business will help. solve some of these problems for the families they sell to.

They have built a team that helps them connect with interested buyers and sellers, whom they have taught many of the selling and negotiating skills they have acquired over the course of their careers. The company plans to raise $ 2 million this year and is currently operating in the Georgia, Alabama and Florida markets with plans to expand in Texas later this year.

Return through education

Something extremely important to Beni and Marquis, as they have achieved some success in their business, will be offering training through their platform. Given what they have achieved, despite all the hardships, they see it as their duty to pay in advance to people of similar origins. In the coming months, they will be offering workshops and courses, as well as additional opportunities for interns to achieve this goal.

The duo changed their lives and achieved a lot very quickly. They attribute their success to self-sacrifice, hard work, and patience, which they can hopefully pass on to others to achieve a similar level of success.


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