Sept 1 balance in PTPTN loan increases to RM515 in 6 years



Fatima Dzulkifli had to go to PTPTN to settle the matter after she had one Sen in her student loan.

PEELING JAYA: The woman was shocked when the National Higher Education Foundation Corporation (PTPTN) notified her of possible lawsuits over a 515 ringgit overdue debt – all due to one sen left on her account.

She was perplexed when she received a demand for payment, as she paid off her loan in full in 2015.

Unbeknownst to her, her loan account had a balance of one sen, which multiplied due to various fees and almost confused her.

In a Facebook post, Fatima Dzulkifli stated that in July 2015, she paid off her balance through a lump sum from her second account with the Staff Support Fund (EPF).

“I fully repaid my PTPT loan six years ago.

“I don’t know where this RM0.01 came from.

“It seems like there are people like me in the same situation.

“They paid off the loan, but their accounts are still active.”

Fatima Dzulkifli’s Facebook post about her experience with PTPTN went viral.

A June 18 post that has since gone viral with over 5,000 shares showed that she tried several times to contact PTPTN about the matter, but without much success.

She then sent a PTPTN message via Facebook and finally got a response.

The fund said that although it paid off the debt, the small balance of RM0.01 was RM515 over the years due to interest, administration fees, insurance costs, and late payments.

Fatima then appealed as she was not at fault.

Finally, PTPTN resolved the issue by writing it off as the issue was caused by a manual input error.

In her explanation, the representative told her that the officer “accidentally” deposited MYR 0.01 into her account one month after she paid all her dues.

A spokesperson said this could have happened as PTPTN used a manual system until April 2016.

Fatima advised other persons with PTPTN loans to check their balances with PTPTN, as such debts could affect their financial position in the Central Reference and Credit Information System.

It could also lead to unnecessary litigation, she said.


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