Sepp van den Berg renews Preston North End loan



It was confirmed that 19-year-old Sepp van den Berg will return to Preston North End for the 2021/22 season.

The youth was signed from PEC Zwolle after Liverpool Champions League won in 2019 and played a total of four matches for the Reds.

He originally went on loan to Preston in 2021 and played 16 matches for the team – most of his career played at center-back, but he played most of his minutes at Preston North End on the right or right flank. …

Van den Berg said he was happy to be back in the Lilywhites when he spoke to

“I’m very happy. Last season at the end I said I wanted to come back and I was very happy that it worked out. I just look forward to playing the whole season and playing from the beginning.

“The players who were there last season, I loved every one of them, so it’s really nice to come back now and get to know most of them. Especially for the rented player who is of course always new, but now I go back for a second year and know that the staff and most of the players are really good. It immediately makes you feel good and really helps, so I’m happy with that. “

van den Berg also talked about challenges he came across as a young player coming to a new country and a new league.

“This was hard. Moving from Holland to Liverpool was a big step and playing in the championship is tough. It’s really physical, very fast. I ran a lot on the right flank on the right flank, but it was really good.

“U23 football is also good, but I felt I needed one more step. In my opinion, the soccer championship is a very good league and very tough soccer, so the regular games here every weekend, basically every game, have been very good for me, so I hope I can do the same this season.

“Last season I really enjoyed playing on the right flank, to be honest. As I said last season, he also developed me, helped me more heads-up and more in attack, but I would like to play more center-back this season, just to show everyone that I can play there too. I will try to impress the player and hopefully he will play me as a center-back this season. ”

Frankie McAvoy, head coach of PNE, also spoke positively about the return of the Dutch youth team.

“We are absolutely happy. We are very grateful to Liverpool for allowing him to come back here, and obviously to Sepp for deciding to come back to us.

“He loved spending time here last season. He is a young boy learning his craft and for me he blended well with the group that made him feel welcome and part of it.

“He came as a right-back center-back. He didn’t have many games in this position, but he came up very well as a right-back and then as a right-back. I thought he was fantastic. I think he is doing very well and let’s see how he deals with the right center-back.

“What he should try to do is go again a second time and hopefully do what I and the coaching staff believe he can do.”

Liverpool fans will be delighted to learn about the youngster’s potential to gain experience in his natural position, although his flexibility and ability to play elsewhere on the pitch may well speak of his character and confidence.


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