Senne promotes Clark Fonda to Executive Director of Government Relations


Clark Fonda

BOSTON. Boston-based consulting and investment firm Senné has announced the promotion of the Clark Foundation to the position of executive director of government relations.

Based in Washington, DC, the Foundation will expand its previous role to oversee government relations at Senné, and will spend more time at corporate headquarters, where he will lead all government relations services for the firm, including Boston, Cambridge and the Greater Boston. Fonda will also monitor city, state and federation policies and initiatives to determine what issues could affect Senné and client projects.

This increased role is evidence of Senna’s increased commitment to innovation in all areas of real estate. Fonda will ensure that the needs of Senné’s customers and investors are strategically aligned with key policy concerns. In addition to regularly updating policies, identifying opportunities for protection, and working together with government agencies, Fonda will help maintain and develop stronger policies.

Fonda will serve as liaison with key industry stakeholders such as GBREB, members of Congress, and government and local officials. In the past, under the leadership of the Foundation, the government liaison team has led a range of real estate policy initiatives, ranging from state and federal tax issues to local building and property sales regulations.

Prior to Senna, Fonda provided ultra-up-to-date financial services, advice on trade and national security policy, and held several leadership positions in government, including as Chief of Staff for Congress for a member of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. While in Congress, the Fund led a bipartisan effort to pass the Foreign Investment Risk Analysis Modernization Act (FIRRMA), which redefined US export controls and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), and worked on a broad legislative portfolio that included new technology Problems. Fonda also worked directly with Senne to successfully reform and improve the lending process for high-volatility commercial real estate.

“Clark Fonda has been a dedicated member of the Senné team for many years. His well-deserved promotion represents the future of Senne’s continued protection on behalf of our clients, investors, and the industry at large. We have always believed that collaboration and creativity can lead to better solutions. We look forward to continuing this work in government and government affairs, ”said William Senne, President and CEO.

“I am incredibly pleased to be joining the Senné leadership team at such a critical time. Here at Senné, the government relations department is closely linked to all of our internal departments and this is one of the reasons why our team stands out from the rest in the real estate industry. We will continue to provide customers with a unique experience that makes Senné unrivaled, ”Fonda said.

Fonda holds a JD from the George Washington University School of Law, an MS in Irregular Warfare from the United States Naval War College, and a BA from the University of Southern California. Fonda currently resides in Washington DC.

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