See how this local real estate agent is changing people’s lives by volunteering with the Boy Scouts.



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Brandon Bridgmon
Brandon Bridgmon, real estate agent for LAH Real Estate. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

What better way than watching your children and their peers develop into good and responsible young people? For several years Brandon Bridgmon actively participated in the work of his local Boy Scout Squad, while his two sons participated in the program.

We spoke with Brandon to find out why his volunteer work with the Boy Scouts is so important.

Meet Brandon Bridgmon

Brandon Bridgmon
Brandon Bridgmon is a real estate agent at the LAH Real Estate Homewood office in Soho. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Brandon Bridgmon was born and raised in western Birmingham. After graduating from Auburn with a degree in landscape gardening, Brandon returned to Birmingham and began working in the landscape design field. However, after about 10 years, he made the decision to change his career.

After a thorough search, he decided to take up real estate and eventually settled on LAH real estate. And over the past six years, Brandon has helped countless homebuyers find their dream home in Birmingham.

When he’s not doing home tours, you can find Brandon as a volunteer with his local Boy Scouts. We spoke with Brandon to find out more.

Volunteering with the Boy Scouts

A few years ago, Brandon’s eldest son came home from school and mentioned his desire to join the Kid Scouts. Although Brandon had no Scout experience, he wanted to support his son’s passion.

What was your most exciting Scout experience?

“In one trip, we swam 61.6 miles through the swamp – the boys even counted 70 alligators! Last year we went to the Florida Keys for some snorkeling and reef sailing. The guys had to navigate the ship under the command of the captain; raising and lowering sails, fishing, cooking, boat cleaning and more. We have another canoe trip in Minnesota next year, so we’re very excited! “

Why do you continue to volunteer for the Scouts?

“It really comes down to the involvement of my two sons. Now that they’ve moved from Child Scouts to Boy Scouts, I learned that Scouts are a boy-led program. They set goals for how they plan to advance in rank, and we Scoutmaster assistants don’t do everything for them. It really opens my eyes for me because I see my boys turn into men. “

What do you like most about your volunteer work?

“Now that these boys are part of the scouts, it is great to see the boys lead these adventures and develop their skills. We take lessons such as first aid in the wild, so we are ready to handle an emergency when help is 3 hours away. This education and the safety of young people are so important. “

How did you rate the impact of your volunteer work?

“It’s easiest for me to see the impact of scouts on my boys’ world. It really changed their point of view and confidence. One of the first trips was a tough adventure and one of my sons had some self-doubt, although I knew he would be fine. When we finished, he simply said, “I did it all.” Then he told me that he was going to invite the girl he was talking to!

Obviously, scouting is not about dating advice, but experience gives these boys the confidence that they can tackle any challenge in life and work towards those life goals. ”

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Brandon Bridgmon
Brandon Bridgmon, real estate agent with LAH Real Estate… Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

When Brandon is not volunteering with the Boy Scouts, or donation to Boy Scouts of America through LAH Real Estate Annual Donations, he helps potential buyers find their dream home. If you are buying or selling a home, you can find out more by contacting Brandon Bridgmon at: LAH Real Estate Homewood Office:

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