See how much more expensive properties in the Bay Area are compared to other cities



With house prices skyrocketing across the country, the cities of the Gulf are still considered some of the most expensive to live, according to a new study.

In accordance with US National House Price Index S & P / Case-Shiller, the value of houses this year is growing at a historical level. Researchers at the Inspection Support Network, a software company that specializes in property checks, analyzed data from Zillow and the US Census Bureau. find the most expensive places to live against the backdrop of a sharp jump in housing prices, San Jose and San Francisco came out on top.

At the state level, Hawaii surpassed California for the most expensive homes with an average of $ 710,000 compared to $ 654,629 in California. Both of these prices are well above the national average home price of $ 281,370, the researchers found.

But at the city level, California is one of the four most expensive urban areas with more than 1 million inhabitants – San Jose ranks first with an average home value of around $ 1.4 million, followed by San Francisco with $ 1.2 million. -Angeles with $ 783,610. and San Diego – $ 729,318.

Bay Area cities are also among the most expensive small urban areas, with populations ranging from 100,000 to 349,999: Santa Cruz was number one with an average home price of around $ 1 million, while Napa was second at $ 796,806.

Among the mid-size metro stations – 350,000 to 999,999 people – six of the ten most expensive cities were in California, including Santa Rosa in 3rd place and Vallejo in 6th place.


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