Seattle Real Estate Secrets by Team Diva’s Kim Colapret


Imagine your stereotypical real estate agent – a suit, a sweet smile, stage images suitable for a stock photo agency. Kim Colapret of Team Diva Real Estate is not. First, she is happy to show individuality. Videos on her website show her fanning, sipping wine, and baking cookies with a drag queen (aka her hosting manager). And she is not afraid to voice her opinion. “We’re specifically trying to keep it simple,” she says of selling homes and winning a bid in Seattle’s hot housing market… “It’s our job to make everything look easy, but it isn’t.”

At Team Diva, which she leads with wife Chavi Hom, she also set out to challenge “the myth that business and politics are incompatible by being openly and loudly political on all fronts, from supporting and approving candidates to challenging realtors. an association to speak out against racism and homophobia in our city, country and industry. ” Here she talks about hot words about real estate, describes the type of clients she refuses to work with, discusses whether you should move to the suburbs, and remembers the time when all the rainbows came together.

Broker details

Who: Kim Colapret, Managing Broker with Diva Real Estate Team from Coldwell Banker Bain
Years in business: 22
Elevator step: “I run one of the best and most productive teams. We have the best education for shoppers, we do digital marketing the best. We have a reliable website and social media play. We have almost all of this. “

When she knew the Seattle housing market was hot

In 2016, I sold something like a rather modest house in Gorky Lake, and we had 25 offers. I just don’t know why people keep bringing me offers. It was weird because the house wasn’t exceptional, you know? This is different from something stunning and unique with a view. For me this was the first sign that our market is moving from a normal market to a market, okay, now we have reached the point in Seattle where we have more people here than stocks and that will never change again.

When the unexpected happens in real estate

Of course, I had situations when I went into houses and something happened that I did not expect. We had a team member who had an apartment they listed and got hacked into it. Someone was squatting there. This man left some kind of mess and we had to go through it and do a lot of cleaning.

When other brokers have questionable tactics

My buyers had some weird experience when we made an offer and another agent told us that there were multiple offers, but I knew it was not a multiple offer. There was no legal evidence that this agent could show me. They said another [potential buyer’s] the escalator is the same as yours, but the price was changed at which they wanted us to come. In a market like this, agents tell their customers that they will get multiple offers and sell at list prices, but they don’t, and they drive themselves into a corner. I think this behavior creates a bad reputation with listing agents and makes buyers wary of realtors, which pisses me off.

As a really dubious real estate tactic …

There was an incident last year when an agent posted a video on a social media created by her company, professionally produced, where – legally, on video – she said that they lied to another agent about another offer so she could get another $ 25,000. The company had to shoot a video and people tore it apart. This is a serious violation of ethics, and I think there is little talk about such bad behavior. Like, it’s illegal, you’re not very smart and obviously you don’t know the rules.

When she fired a potential salesperson

A couple of years ago, we took a walk with this one person. I said, “We’re not going to list your house along with your living room workout gear.” During the walk, we said what needs to be fixed, and at every stage he insisted and insisted not to do it. In the end, he agreed to do it. Then, in the end, we stood in his living room and talked to him, and he was like, “No, I changed my mind.” I said, “I’m done.” I can’t sell your home if you have a bench press in the middle of your living room and half-painted kitchen cabinets. If you trust the process and commit to delivering on our offers, 99.9% of the time your home will be sold in a week with multiple offers. People who don’t trust the process, they are simply not our people.

When she supported her buyer in exiting a deal

The deal was struck a few years ago, and the seller got into a furious squabble with the realtor as we walked around the house. Legal flashy match. The seller burst into tears, the agent left, and my buyer said, “I’m not going to buy this house.” My buyer was very uncomfortable and refused the deal. We had to beg and beg for the deposit back, but the salesperson was fine because she decided she wanted to fire her agent anyway. This is one of the strangest things that ever happened.

In her opinion, the most popular area of ​​Seattle

It feels like it’s hot in every area of ​​Seattle because you still can’t afford to buy anything. Nothing to buy anywhere. People contact us all the time: “I have $ 700,000 to spend and I want to buy in Greenwood,” and I ask, “Do you want an apartment? Do you want a shack? Do you want a garage? Seriously, you can’t buy anything other than a shoebox for more than $ 700,000.

Where will Seattle’s housing market go next?

This is not Seattle, but Renton is an underrated place. I just think downtown Renton is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. People don’t like Renton, but there are many pretty houses here and it’s easy to get to the Eastside and downtown Seattle. Maybe you can buy something pretty in a pedestrian area for $ 650,000, or $ 700,000, it’s out of town.

When real estate rainbows stars align

I am a queer real estate agent and I was selling a house for a queer couple. The offer was won by a homosexual couple, and their agents were lesbians. And the agents they worked with in Tacoma to sell their home were another odd couple. We conducted full transactions in which all participants in the transaction were from the LGBTQ community. I thought it was really amazing – it was like a magical rainbow thing that happened.

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