Seattle real estate market is still in heat



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We can got rid of the environmental phenomenon that caused us to run Air conditioners as well as cooling centers at the end of June, but home buyers in Seattle are still facing a scorching hot climate in real estate.

June Sales Data from Northwest Multiple Listing Service show that the real estate market in this area remains a real thermal dome, with houses flying off the market at unearthly prices. In King County, the average home value rose to nearly $ 780,000. Average? Almost $ 975,000.

Seattle has had a lot of sticker shock, but it’s most pronounced in the area. bidding war broke out on the Eastside, where prices easily surpassed prices a year earlier. The average home in the Redmond / Gnosis area sold 51 percent more in June 2021 than in June 2020. And the average real estate on Mercer Island went for $ 2 million.

All this time, stocks in Seattle remained extremely low. Since May, he has risen a little. More new listings were added this June in King County than in any month prior to this year. Perhaps it will bring some relief during the summer months for house hunters.


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