Scott, South Fayette real estate transactions for the week of June 27, 2021.




James DeAngelis Jr. sold the property at 169 Union Street to Michael Lubitz for $ 174,900.


Joseph Tortorea sold the property at 200 Fifth Avenue to Samantha Marie Sloan for $ 250,000.

Mary Colleen Khalil sold the property at 602 Boke to Arazmurat Adakaev for $ 50,000.

Gordon Huntar sold the property at 410 Jane St. John and Rhonda Lavezoli for $ 85,000.

Estate of Robert Pandolph has sold the property at 713 Washington Ave. Lang Family Property LLC for $ 127,000.


Maronda Homes Inc. sold the property at 1011 Livorno Drive to John Sacttaregia and Tobiann Maussian for $ 330,775.

Raymond Bricchio sold the property at 144 Noblestown Road to David Brown II for $ 161,000.


Christy Coover sold the property at 124 Haldane Street to Timothy Leidig for $ 145,000.

Karen Ann Brian sold her property at 82 S Linwood Ave. Michael Larkin and Elizabeth Brian for $ 259,900.

Estate of Donald Mixon has sold the property at 84 S Linwood Ave. Edwin and Teresa Midgley for $ 200,000.

Green Tree

Chadwick Jaggard sold the property at 1062 Arbor Drive to Sean and Amanda Peters for $ 248,000.

Jessica McNealy sold the property at 1002 El Rancho Drive to Nikolina Dinardi for $ 283,000.

Robert Nemchik sold the property at 1186 Hillcrest Ave. Jason Switch for $ 380,000.

Louis Martorella sold the property at 1011 Norsis Drive to Matthew Steffy for $ 310,000.

Pennsbury Village

Patrick Yurchak sold the 514 Carriage Cir property to Michael and Jean-Ann Sokol for $ 152,000.

Brian Seymour sold 796 Carriage Cir property to Diane Ponticel for $ 125,000.

Kayla Dames sold her property at 1314 Pennsbury Blvd. Madison Olander for $ 141,500.


Silver Summit LLC sold the Beaver Grade Road property to Silver Summit Master Homeowners Associat for $ 18,844.

C Three LLC sold the property at 210 Bilmar Drive to D&K Gold LLC for $ 1,750,000.

Michael Richard Esposito sold the property at 5547 Glass Road to Abbas Mehdiyun for $ 500,000.

Matthew Blank sold the property at 241 Overlook Ct to Kimberle Castro for $ 264,900.

Rosslyn Farms

Harold Hood sold the Royal Highway property to Parve Majidi and Anastasia Christine Markiv for $ 33,900.


Richard Ward sold the property at 1283 Cardinal Drive to Michael Schiefer for $ 287,900.

Trustee Terry Pavol sold the property at 695 Doris Drive to Francine O’Brien for $ 254,000.

Alison Rosenberg sold the property at 1030 Eve Drive Apt C to Gina Grosso for $ 139,000.

Blair Clover III sold the property at 426 Hoff St. Nathan Prestutti for $ 85,000.

Marcia Connell sold the property at 930 Margarite Drive to Tate Giles Investment LLC for $ 87,500.

Sean Simchik sold the property at 129 N Wren Drive to Mary Kathleen Zyra for $ 230,000.

South fayette

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at an unknown address to NVR Inc. for $ 101,500.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold 2023 Ashton Row property to Gerard and Maria Longo for $ 324,990.

Jack Meeks sold the property at 2915 Big Meadow Ct to Alanna Lapple for $ 110,000.

Mohinder Dhadha sold the property at 2457 Brook Ledge Road to Jacob McHenry for $ 69,000.

Melissa Marshall sold the 100 E Russets Cir property to Laverne Conley and Karen Reifer for $ 161,700.

Nicholas Hoban sold the property at 8033 Hinsdale Ln to Deepak and Nikita Bhurani for $ 305,000.

Terrence Scott sold the property at 300 Magnolia Avenue to Diane Mastramiko for $ 75,924.

Walter Impellichcheiri sold the 134 Meadow Drive property to Joe Wingas and Tiana Harkins for $ 258,000.

Trevor Donald Bateman sold the property at 1113 Mohawk Road to FRDS LLC for $ 145,500.

Philip Gossick sold the 3500 Washington Pike property to Tracy Smith for $ 195,200.

Upper St Clair

Ryan Meyer sold the property at 2417 Giant Oaks Drive to Innes Jeffrey for $ 326,100.

Stephen Carter sold the property at Heathroft Drive, 2047 to Camillo and Susan Schmidt for $ 825,000.

Benjamin Michael Voica sold 2703 Locust Drive to Ariel Osea Austero for $ 223,000.

Jessica Lichwar sold 797 Somerville Drive to John Therio for $ 72,903.

James McCann sold the 1786 Tragone Drive property to George and Diane Kange for $ 715,000.

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