San Antonio Center Developer David Adelman Profile



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9 miles is all that separates the first acquisition of one of San Antonio’s most active developers in downtown San Antonio from his last venture.

But the lapse of time between David Adelman’s acquisition of rental properties at the age of 16 and when he began construction on the historic Creamery mixed-use project in Tobin Hill shows the extent of his passion for both his hometown and development. Today, the impact of a long career as a commercial real estate developer is visible throughout the city center.

Adelman, 52, is the founder and president District Real Estate, the company he founded in 2011. He oversees development and asset management for a portfolio of properties in downtown San Antonio, including residential developments. Maverick, ’68 at Hemisfair, as well as 1221 Broadwayand other mixed, industrial and office properties such as Midtown station

The developer is currently cooperating with a real estate investment company. Embry convert the former Borden creamery on East Ashby, near the Pearl, into a mixed-use office, retail and residential complex, and recently acquired a 4-acre warehouse property near Lone star district development.

But his first purchase was a house in Pecan Valley, which he bought while at Lee High School. Thanks to his father’s advice and the money he earned from mowing lawns and refereeing football matches, he paid a down payment of $ 6,000, took out a mortgage, and hung a “For Rent” sign in his yard.

“I was a very motivated kid, always trying to make some money and come up with something,” he said.


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