Sacramento Real Estate Week: A Guide to Buying and Selling a Home



The Sacramento region has the most vibrant real estate market in 15 years. Prices are skyrocketing. Stocks are low. Bidding battles are commonplace. A new era of online shopping and sales is dawning. This can be challenging for newcomers to the market and even experienced buyers and sellers.

With this in mind, The Sacramento Bee will host a weekly series of daily live video sessions every day at noon from 23 to 27 August, featuring local housing experts and hosted by Bee Real Estate Reporter Tony Bizjak.

We investigate the internal dynamics of the market and whether we are in a price bubble that could burst. We’ll talk about how to figure out what you can afford and how to make a competitive offer. We’ll tell sellers how to promote your home and select the best deal.

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1 day: How does the Sacramento housing market work? Take a look from the inside

When: Monday 23 August noon

Expert Ryan Lundqvist will offer a data-driven overview of the state of the real estate market today. How did he get here? Why is it so intense? He will also offer the most recent assessment of whether the market is softening.

Day 2: Is the Sacramento home price bubble about to burst?

When: Tuesday 24 August noon

Expert Dean Weerley studied key demographics, trends and market economics and made predictions about where prices in Sacramento will go next year.

He will answer the main question: are we about to burst the price bubble?

Day 3: Are you buying a house? How to navigate the hyper-competitive Sacramento market

When: Wednesday 25 August noon

Realtors Yuri Ramirez-Villanueva and Tom Call will offer buyers detailed advice. Where to shop, the importance of prequalification for a loan, how to make an attractive offer and much more.

Day 4: Selling your house? How to Get the Best Price in Sacramento Real Estate

When: Thursday 26 August noon

Realtors Erin Stumpf and Kelly Pleasant provide advice to sellers, including when to list a home, how to set a price, how to sell a home, and more.

Day 5: Advice for first-time homebuyers in the Sacramento real estate market

When: Friday, August 27 at noon

Brandon Haefele, CEO / President of Catalyst Mortgage, will guide aspiring home buyers through the basic steps and questions they need to know.

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