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Ryan Brehm, who once played golf from Moscow State University, returns to participate in the Rocket Mortgage Classic program



DETROIT, Michigan (WILX) – The first round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic is taking place in Detroit today.

News 10 features a couple of local golfers participating this week. One of them is former Michigan longball striker Ryan Brehm. He now lives in Traverse City, but is from Mate Mountain.

From Mount Pleasant to East Lansing and MSU, and after some frustration and a lot of hard work, finally to the PGA tour. Ryan Brehm finally did it, he has a rare chance to play near home this week, and the trip to Detroit Golf Club was a really enjoyable ride.

Brehm said, “Yes, my wife and I were smiling yesterday. We got into the car, just looked at each other and said, “Oh, how good it is to be in Michigan,” you know? We love it. We’ve been here our whole lives and we’re not going anywhere, so we love it. “

Brehm was a star golfer in Michigan in the mid-2000s. He helped the Spartans win three Big Ten championships. He initially turned pro in 2008, played in Canada for a while, lost his professional status, and got his tour back two and a half years ago. Let me tell you, this kind of lifestyle can break a guy.

“I would say it has a lot of ups and downs,” Brem said. “You have to have a good perspective and understanding that, you know, there are many people who would like to be in your place, take every day and try to appreciate it.”

Casey Luban, the current Moscow State University golf coach, was in Detroit as a close friend, coach and, above all, Brehm; Supporter.

“You know that he is still growing as a person, I am so proud of the way he handled it,” Luban said. “And this is a hard life, do you understand? He will be absent for 7 consecutive weeks, so it looks like a week off. Home week “.

Still working hard and trying to make a name for himself at 35; Brem demonstrates that it’s never too late.

Brehm just finished his first round below par. He hopes to have another good round tomorrow, and if he does, Brem will have a real shot at punching a 36-hole hole and staying there for the weekend.

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