Russell Knox: Results of the Third Round of the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic Conference


In the third round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic, Russell Knox scored 13 of 18 regular greens and finished 8 points behind. Knox ended his round with a draw in 25th place, 8th behind; Troy Merritt is # 1 under 14; Joaquin Niemann, Hank Lebioda and Cam Davis tied for second place under 13; and Brandon Hagee and Chris Kirk tied for fifth under 12.

After a sharp right turn on the first 397 yards par-4 hole, Knox hit 110 yards in preparation for the attack. This moved Knox down 1 round.

On a 453-yard second par-4 hole, Knox hit the green in 2 and hit a 16-foot putt for the birdie. This moved Knox 2 down in the round.

After running 281 yards in the sixth 461-yard sixth par-4, Knox made his third 9-foot throw, which he threw for the scarecrow with two shots to the hole. This moved Knox down 1 round.

On hole 7, 552 par-5 yards, Knox entered the green past hole 3 and threw a 4-foot putt for a birdie. This moved Knox 2 down in the round.

On a 372-yard eighth par-4, Knox had a boogie after hitting the green in the 3rd and 2nd putings, causing Knox to move 1 fewer per round.

At 10 par 4, Knox’s 129 yards approaching 9 feet set him up for a bird on the hole. This moved Knox 2 down in the round.

Knox, his chip moved 22 yards towards the green, where he made two puts for the scarecrow, leaving Knox 1 less in the round.

Knox got the scarecrow on a 446-yard 16th par-4, going to the greens in 3 and 2 putings, making Knox equal in the round.

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