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Property data for July is in.

According to Brown Harris Stevens, while the total number of closed houses fell from 96 to 69 compared to the frothy July numbers of last year (which is still the second highest number of closings in a month since 2001), the average closing price rose by 19%, from $ 1,627,253 to $ 1,929,908. This is the highest figure in July since 2008.

Homes are sold for an average of 101% of the list price. This is the fifth consecutive month that the figure has exceeded 100%.

As of July 31, there were also 103 pending sales. Another 178 were listed as “active inventory”.

In terms of condominiums, 31 closed in July 2021, up from 22 in July last year. The average condominium closure price in the first 7 months of 2021 was $ 628,002, up $ 34 from the same period a year ago.

The total closure of homes, homes and condominiums since January 1 is $ 644,692,685. This is as much as 45% more than in the first 7 months of 2020. (Hat tip: Chuck Greenlee)

This 4-acre Beachside Avenue property – once part of JC Penny’s estate – is up for sale for $ 6,495,000. One downside: it isn’t actually on the water.

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Lou Weinberg is best known as the chairman of Westport. Public gardens

But Westporter’s land management extends to water. He’s writing:

“A recent walk on Bering Hill Beach brought in an astronomical amount of rubbish. The bag on the right was the one my wife and I picked up. The trash on the left was left by a generous donor or donors.

(Photo / Lou Weinberg)

“I’m sure you can guess there were a lot of disposable plastic bottles, bottle caps, aluminum cans, balloons, fishing line, food wrappers, etc. On this walk we even saw used diapers and leftovers from someone’s meals. …

“What can you do: Burying Hill rescuers handed us a bag. Perhaps others who walk on and off the beach can bring their bags or get them from the security guards. Any attempt to bag the trash can result in one less piece of wildlife and a cleaner environment. Nature deserves the best. “

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A few years ago, the Saugatuk Harbor Yacht Club commissioned a historic plaque to commemorate the Westport Historic District Commission’s 2018 Heritage Preservation Award for the legacy of its building.

Delivery problems delayed the ceremony until this week. House historian Bob Weingarten of the Westport Museum of History and Culture, who made a presentation to former Commodore Paul Rosenblatt, gives the backstory:

SHYC was originally a stable. It was built around 1887 by Henry C. Eno as part of his Queen Anne summer estate by the sea.

SHYC was founded in 1959 by J. Anthony Probst. He converted the stable into a clubhouse with the help of landscape architect Evan Harding. During the 2018 presentation, HDC noted that the seamounts were deepened to create a harbor. It was the first of its kind on the east coast to be equipped with an underwater bubble system, allowing boats to remain at anchor all year round.

Former Commodore Paul Rosenblatt, Saugatuk Harbor Yacht Club plaque and history club.

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When I was leaving Y yesterday, a man came up.

“Is this YMCA?” he asked.

Aha! I thought. What else would it be?

Then I looked around. There are practically no signs anywhere.

On Wilton Road or at exit 41 Merritt Parkway – the only 2 ways to enter the parking lot – there is nothing that says “Welcome to the Westport Weston Family YMCA!”

The sign above the entrance reads Bedford Family Center. Who – including most of the members – knows that this is the name of Building Y.

High above the entrance, where no one is looking and besides it is very difficult to make out, is the “Y” logo. But that’s all. It doesn’t even say “YMCA” here.

I think really is an there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Do you see the Y above the Bedford Family Center sign? (Photo / Dan Woog)

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Nobody likes to see a police cruiser in their rearview mirror.

But everyone should support Westport’s 3rd Annual Car Cruise, hosted by the Police Philanthropists Association. Tomorrow (Saturday, August 21, from 4 pm to 8 pm, parking lot # 1 of Saugatuk station).

Cars of all years, brands and models are welcome. It’s a family-friendly event with music, food vans and a lottery draw.

The entry and display fee is $ 20, of which funds are earmarked for purposes such as Hole in the Gang Wall Camp, Special Olympics, and Veterans and the Families of Dead Officers.

The first 100 cars receive a gift bag. Trophies will also be awarded.

Previous Westport PBA Car Rally

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In 2017, Jody Cantor and Megan Toohey told the story of Westport Harvey Weinstein in New York Times. The smoldering #MeToo movement suddenly lit up.

Two journalists will speak at the first fundraising event at the Westport Library, “Exchange: Talking About the Issues of Our Time.” The event will be moderated on October 5 (10:00) by Westport CEO Joan Gillman.

Click here for more information and tickets.

Jody Cantor and Megan Toohy.

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The other day at Westport … Naturally, they showed snowy heron enjoying food… Today we will show one in flight.

(Photo / Amy Schneider)

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To buy tickets or a table for this event, follow the link

And finally … speaking of the YMCA (as we were above): Maybe we need these guys as cheers up front.


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