Round Top’s Legendary Marburgers Farm was acquired by Texas Real Estate and Art Trailblazer



DAthelin Round Top, Texas. Only in: One of America’s mecca for antiques and design shopping, the Marburger Farm Antique Show, was acquired by a group led by Brook Partners. The Dallas-based development company owns, operates and founded the Dallas Art Fair and the Fashion Industry Gallery, home to the world renowned International Boutique Fair in the heart of the Dallas Arts District every year.

Founded in 1997, Antique show at Marburger farm is one of the must-have shops in Round Top Antique Exhibitionheld the last two weeks of October for the fall show and the last two weeks of March for the spring show. (A third, smaller show at the end of January serves as the gateway to the spring show.)

The Marburger Farm is one of the most anticipated destinations – and a favorite of designers – of approximately 80 showrooms combining antiques and design that draw over 100,000 visitors each spring and fall to experience the rural beauty of the Round Top and the thrill of finding finds in fields, tents , barns and other surviving buildings in this historic hamlet and the surrounding Texas countryside. I think the Hamptons are meeting Martha.

Anne Lee Phillips at Marburger Farm (photo by Jenny Antill Clifton)
Anne Lee Phillips (photo by Jenny Antill Clifton)

Nestled among 43 hilly acres on Texas Highway 237 (the city’s main street for Round Top and its Antique Show), Marburger boasts 11 small-town historic buildings (including the legendary Legler Ballroom) side-by-side with spacious tents that adorn the surrounding fields. Its five-day event marks one of the pinnacles of the spring and fall trade shows as thousands of guests descend on Marburger Farm to shop at 300 trusted dealers who come from across the United States and around the world.

Julie Dodson at Marburger Farm (photo by Jenny Antill Clifton)
Julie Dodson (photo by Jenny Antill Clifton)

The opening morning of the antique exhibition Marburger Farm is one of in events every spring and fall, luring passionate and discerning shoppers who pay to be the first to acquire finds and treasures that cross continents, time periods and aesthetics.

The mystery and nature of the Marburger Farm antiques fair attracts world-class celebrities, designers and innovators, as well as shoppers to shops, hotels and restaurants around the world, including Kelly Westler as well as Liz Lambertthat have been seen shopping this spring.

Jessica Cooksey, Kelly Westler, Sheila Youngblood, Brittany Weedle (photo by Jenny Antill Clifton)
Jessica Cooksey, Kelly Westler, Sheila Youngblood, Brittany Weedle (photo by Jenny Antill Clifton)

In the announcement of the acquisition, Brook Partners CEO John Sagrou says, “The Marburger Farm Antique Show is a symbol of Texas and we are honored to pass the baton as the final stewards of this legendary event. We are fortunate enough to accept responsibility for Shaw and his culture of excellence from the Mobus and Ferguson families. The energy of the show is electrified, and the beauty of the surrounding Round Top community allows antiques buyers and sellers to interact profitably, experiencing the grandeur and magic of the area. It’s just a lot of fun, and as the saying goes, “If it doesn’t break, don’t fix it.”

“We intend to preserve the DNA and legacy of Marburger, building on the success of the exhibition to add new opportunities. Our team has organized major special events with tens of thousands of attendees and we look forward to celebrating the 25th edition of the Marburger Farm antique exhibition in 2022. ”

Jeremy Buonamichi, John Sagra at The Halles, Round Top (photo by Gabriela Izquierdo)
Fashion Industry Gallery CEO Jeremy Buonamichi, Brook Partners CEO John Sagra at Round Top (Photo by Gabriela Izquierdo)

Joining John Sagra on his quick-witted and experienced team for Marburger are Jeremy Buonamichi, CEO of Fashion Industry Gallery, and SMU alumnus Kelly Cornell, longtime director of the Dallas Art Fair (which has been running for 12 years now), which is scheduled for November. 11 to 14 this year.

For more than a decade, known as the faces of Marburger Farm, Tracy and Brad Blacketer – business manager and chief operating officer respectively – will remain in senior management positions. The Blacketers will continue their work as the famous Marburger Farm antiques show kicks off its next chapter this fall, approaching its Silver Anniversary in 2022.


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