Ronnie Deveaux partners with the National Alliance for Fair Housing, the Dream Unlock Keys initiative



Ronnie DeVoe, CEO of DeVoe Real Estate, member of legendary BBD groups and New release, announced Thursday that he is set to lead legions of black Americans towards home ownership through a new partnership with the National Alliance for Fair Housing (NFHA).

DeVo made the announcement during an exclusive meeting at the Glenn Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday night. DeVoe Real Estate Will Join NFHA on Nationwide Promotion Tour Key to Dreams Discovery Initiative (KUDI).

DeVoe has been joined by real estate industry leaders including Marvette Boseman, Broker and Chief Operating Officer for DeVoe Real Estate, Felicia Gentry, eXp Realty Agent in Texas, and Lisa Rice, President and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance, among many others. and other guests.

Ronnie DeVoe (photo BE)
Ronnie DeVoe (Photo: BE)

DeVoe Real Estate has not only pledged to join the National Fair Housing Alliance in this ambitious program, but DeVoe is also aligning its firm with eXp, one of the world’s fastest growing real estate brokerage firms.

“By doing this, DeVoe Real Estate will be able to hire like-minded people from across the country who are also committed to this movement,” Boseman said.

The essence of the partnership is to offer workable solutions to bridge differences in race, wealth and home ownership. Although DeVoe has achieved great financial success with the iconic bands Bell, Biv, DeVoe and New Edition, he also said he was facing financial problems and a struggle to lose two homes.

“I had to take my U-shaped flight from California to Atlanta,” he said Thursday due to financial concerns.

He says that in 2002 “there was a lull in New Edition’s career.” Due to a lack of money, he admits that he also had to file for bankruptcy. “They didn’t have that in New Edition history,” he joked.

“This is another layer right here. I had everything, but I was humiliated when I lost everything, including the second house I bought. “

He said he moved to Atlanta with the hope that Black Mecca would become the promised land for blacks.

DeVo said he got into real estate and “it changed my life.” According to him, this included a chance meeting with Boseman, which eventually developed into a strong friendship that helped him succeed in business.

Harmonization of interests

Through this movement, agents recruited by DeVoe Real Estate will have to coordinate with the agency and “must share the same passion we do in helping spread the word about fair and equitable housing,” Boseman added.

“We need agents who care as much about educating potential customers as about their orders,” she said.

Felicia Gentry
Felicia Gentry, eXp, talks about the goals of the organization. (Photo: BE)

The Keys Unlock Dreams Initiative (KUDI) is a nationwide initiative led by the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA), with five main goals:

  • Removing structural barriers that perpetuate racial inequality
  • Empower Affordable and Fair Housing
  • Prevent imbalanced recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Provide consumers and stakeholders with important information and resources
  • Help close the gaps in racial wealth and home ownership.

There is now a sharp disparity in the share of home ownership – 73.4 percent for whites, compared with 47.8 percent for Hispanics and 42.7 percent for blacks, according to the KUDI. These numbers contribute to
the growing gap in racial wealth; and the upward trend in economic inequality. The gap in home ownership between blacks and whites is growing. This is more – 30.1 percentage points – than when adding red lines was legal. In fact, according to KUDI statistics, the home ownership gap between blacks and whites has returned to where it was in 1890.

“Education is the key to becoming a homeowner. Many people in the black community don’t know where to start, or simply don’t believe home ownership is right for them. We use our personal connections, banking partnerships and educational resources to provide the community with the tools they need to make their home ownership dreams come true, ”Boseman explained.

The partnership with NFHA will help achieve the goals set by DeVoe Real Estate. With a wide range of contacts with political leaders, financial institutions and a huge amount of research on the housing crisis in the black community, DeVoe Real Estate is well placed to successfully implement the KUDI initiative.

“One of the challenges we face, we all know that we are in the midst of a health pandemic, the COVID crisis, and we see in the news every day how this pandemic, this coronavirus, disproportionately affects African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans. and other people of color, ”said Rice, president and CEO of the NFHA, at a meeting on Thursday. “Not only in terms of health, but also in terms of housing stability.”

Expanding the network by expanding DeVoe Real Estate with eXp

As part of this initiative, Boseman announced that DeVoe Real Estate will now be called DeVoe Real Estate Brokered by eXp.

“We have the largest number of black real estate agents within a single brokerage company in the United States,” said Gentry, Texas-based eXp Realty agent and co-chairman and co-founder of ONE eXp, eXp Realty’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.

eXp is one of the fastest growing brokerage companies in the world. Founded in 2009, it now has offices in 14 countries around the world and has a community of over 60,000 real estate professionals who are linked through the unique eXp World cloud platform.

Gentry continued, “And I was given a vision that we are here to educate, provide awareness, coach. It is my job and my mandate to educate and educate real estate agents to be ready to go out and help our community. We are often not sufficiently prepared, ”she admitted. “We often play chess and checkers, and our colleagues play on the Xbox.”

Gentry, speaking at DeVo’s exclusive event, has given Black’s agents an ambitious mission.

“Our mission is to have 100,000 agents, $ 1 billion in commissions and company revenues over 10 years. This is the vision of black agents and allies so that we can serve people not only in the United States but around the world. “

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