Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is gearing up for an “epic” year.



Major touring groups, which have largely been shut down in the past 15 months, are eager to hit the road. Komoroski said many in the industry think 2022 could be one of the best years for concerts.

“If you look at these performers, you can see that much of their livelihood comes from touring,” and for them the economy is not operating at “25% capacity,” said the CEO of Cavs and FieldHouse.

Bokelman said there will be a weekend in the first quarter of 2022 with “five and six events scheduled on the FieldHouse calendar.”

The bottleneck will be removed when the NBA schedule for 2021-22 is announced, but this could be later than usual due to the delayed start of the 20-21 season.

“This is a good issue, especially if you enjoy going to concerts,” said the Cavs VP of Reservations and Events.

The $ 185 million arena renovation was completed in September 2019. Six months later, the facility was closed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

FieldHouse opened in July many small events, mostly youth basketball and hockey clinics, as well as a bloodshed and voter registration event.

When the NBA season kicked off in late December, Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse had a 300 attendance cap. The total tripled, reaching 4,148 for the Cavs games and 4,100 for the Cleveland Monsters competition.

The pandemic cost the Cavs five home games after the NBA season was halted in March 2020, and the schedule cut for 2020-21 meant another downgrade from 41 home games with no player cap to 36 with highly restricted attendance.

The Monsters, an American Hockey League franchise owned and operated by the Cavs, played just 14 home games last season (24 fewer than usual) and lost seven home games in 2019-20. That year, the club topped the AHL with an attendance rate of 9,043, seventh in a row in the top three of Monsters at the Gates.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently said The league had planned to return to its regular schedule in 2021-22 with 82 games that could begin by mid to late October.

Once the schedule is posted, Bockelmann’s job will be a little easier, although there shouldn’t be a shortage of potential activities to fill the FieldHouse calendar.

“We juggle a lot,” she said.

Arena rose to 27th in the ranking of the busiest establishments in the world by Pollstar in mid-2019. FieldHouse was ranked in the top 40 in the world and 18 in the United States three times on the Pollstar at the end of the year from 2011 to 2017. Ratings are based on entertainment ticket revenue. (The rankings do not include sporting events, which account for about two-thirds of FieldHouse ticket sales.)

Komoroski, who joined the Cavs as president in 2003, said the former Gund Arena was “a minor player in the concert scene” in the early 2000s. FieldHouse is now expected to return to where it was in 2019, and possibly move beyond that with an elevator after extensive renovations.

“We are incredibly optimistic about the coming year 2021-22 as a whole,” said the CEO of Cavs.

Bokelman watched live streams featuring some of her favorite artists during the pandemic. She was reminded that “live music or live performances are something that cannot be reproduced.”

However, she loved the 10-plus high school graduation exams – some of which included pyrotechnics from the huge FieldHouse scoreboard – that have been held at the arena over the past few weeks.

“It was very emotional to do some of these activities for children and families that have been taken away from a lot,” Bokelman said.


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