Rocket Mortgage Classic just one week until 2021



(WXYZ) – In today’s “7 UpFront” report, we focus on a huge event for Detroit, the Rocket Mortgage Classic, which is now only a week away.

CEO Jason Langwell joins us to talk about the tournament at the Detroit Golf Club.

You can see the full interview in the player above.

“Fan enthusiasm and momentum are at an all-time high,” says Langwell. “We actually just sold out all of our private hospitality deals about an hour ago, so we still have shared hospitality products available. Our ground tickets are available on a limited basis starting at just $ 20, so we encourage fans to get to quickly before we sell tickets to our territory. But I think after the last 18 months everyone just wants to have some fun and when fans come here to Detroit Golf Club they can look forward to a truly safe and fun experience. It’s all about celebrating the spirit of Detroit and raising money for our Changing Course initiative, which aims to bridge the huge digital divide here in Detroit. “


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