Robert Durst’s brother, a real estate tycoon, told the court that he believes his brother wants to kill him



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Douglas Durst, president of the billion-dollar Manhattan development company of the Durst family, revealed on Monday during the Robert Durst murder trial that he is afraid of his older brother, who, in his opinion, wants to kill him.

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“He would like to kill me,” Douglas told a Los Angeles court on Monday, adding that he was “frightened” and turned up in court only to testify at the trial of the murder of Susan Berman, Robert’s murdered girlfriend, over threats. subpoena.

Douglas said he hired security to appear in court on Monday because he is afraid of Robert, who he said threatened to kill him, and believes that his brother can still fulfill the previous threats.

Douglas told the court about the 2008 incident when he kicked Robert out of the way. with a pistol after his guard said he saw Robert drive down the driveway towards Douglas wearing a ski mask.

Prosecutors interrogated Douglas about the 1982 disappearance of Robert’s wife Kathleen McCormack Durst as part of a legal strategy designed to convince the jury that Robert had a motive to kill Berman in 2000 because he told Berman that he killed Kathleen decades ago.

Robert denies killing Berman or Kathleen.


The Durst Organization is one of the most influential real estate firms in New York City by Forbes be appreciated $ 8.1 billion… The company owns or invests in some of the most iconic buildings on the New York skyline, such as The Bank of America Tower and One World Trade Center. Robert sold his stake in the family business to relatives in 2006 for $ 65 million… Douglas took over the lead role in the Durst Organization when their father, Seymour Durst, retired in 1994, despite Robert being older. Douglas replaced his older brother as heir to the Durst Organization after Robert displayed strange behavior in the workplace, Douglas said on Monday, including allegedly urinating in office trash cans. According to Douglas, this complicated the relationship between the brothers and said that he had not spoken to Robert since 1999.

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Robert Durst stood trial for the murder of his friend in 2000. Susan Bermanand was also charged with the murder of his wife Kathleen, who was presumed legally dead after her disappearance. In 2003, Durst was convicted of dismembering the body of his neighbor Morris Black, although he was acquitted of the man’s murder due to lack of evidence as Black’s head was never found. Durst’s life and his clashes with the law were the subject of a popular 2015 HBO documentary miniseries titled Jinx

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