RMD Podcast # 24: Robert Klein, Financial Planner and Retirement Specialist



When financial planners act as the most important potential referral mortgage partners, this episode RMD podcast is a conversation between RMD editor Chris Clough and Robert Klein, a registered investment advisor based in Newport Beach, California, and founder Center for retirement income where he specializes in an interdisciplinary approach to retirement planning.

In a conversation, Clow and Klein discuss the state of reverse mortgage product education for borrowers and professionals, the restraint many financial planners experience when discussing reverse mortgages with clients, and advice for reverse mortgage creators to contact financial planners as referral partners. …

Here’s a quick preview of the interview you can find in the episode, slightly edited for brevity and clarity:

Chris Clough: What do you think of other financial planners’ attitudes towards reverse mortgages, especially when it comes to the barriers they think exist on the part of broker-dealers and apart from those who just generally negatively view them?

Robert Klein: This is nothing new to me. This is comparable and similar to many financial advisors and their attitude towards fixed income annuities. In many cases, it boils down to a lack of education, this is the main problem, be it fixed income annuities or reverse mortgages. […] You have a lot of time in your day and people like to focus on certain things. However, be that as it may, many of the things we focus on are customer-centric, and so if customers come to your office and they talk about it more and more now, financial advisors need to speed up. [reverse mortgages] and broaden their horizons.

RMD podcast speaks with leaders in the reverse mortgage lending business, professionals, government officials and opinion leaders to provide listeners with insights into the pulse of the reverse mortgage lending industry and all the business and regulatory realities that affect it. Presenter Chris Clough and Producer Alsinna Lloyd.


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