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TOKYO (Reuters). On Thursday, human rights groups called on Japan to cancel a real estate project involving the Myanmar Ministry of Defense, saying the project is linked to the military, which has carried out brutal repression since the February 1 coup.

As previously reported by Reuters, private Japanese firms and a state-owned enterprise are involved in the construction of a multi-million dollar hotel and office on land owned by the Myanmar Defense Ministry.

Human rights groups including Human Rights Watch said https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/07/15/japan-stop-real-estate-project-myanmar Japan was unable to assess the risk of doing business in Myanmar. …

“We strongly condemn the fact that Japanese government funds most likely ended up in the hands of the Tatmadau,” said Yuka Kiguchi, executive director of Mekong Watch, referring to the Myanmar military.

Through rentals, Y Complex benefits the Myanmar Defense Ministry, which is constitutionally controlled by the military, the groups say.

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Japanese company and government officials said they believed the rent paid by the intermediary ultimately goes to the government of Myanmar, not the military.

(Reporting by Joo-min Park; editing by Jerry Doyle)

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