Reverse mortgages can save lives



Posted by Carlynn Alby

Thank you for the article Reverse mortgages and their biggest misconceptions which appeared in your issue dated June 1st.

I can’t believe how many people sincerely believe in misinformation about them. Your article is factual and clears up these misconceptions. I am a retired associate college teacher. Supplement means part-time work, and since our salary is about 1/3 of that of a full-time instructor, our pensions are 1/3 or less. According to the latest data, this is not enough to pay the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the San Diego area. I have my own house, but the reverse mortgage has become a salvation for me. I hear fellow associates wonder how they can pay off their mortgages or pay rent, and am very grateful for finding Dennis Dean “Reverse Mortgages.” This is life saving.

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IN article help people see the option clearly. Thank you

Carlynn Alby
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