Retirees flock to these 4 cities



Choice where to retire this is an important decision. Everything from local taxes to regional climate will affect how much you enjoy your golden years. Do you want to be among like-minded older people or live in a vibrant big city? Do you want all four seasons or are you trying to get away from winter weather?

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of four places retirees are happy to call home. Whether you are looking for a big or small town attraction, you will find a little bit of everything.

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1. Villages, Florida

Every year, retirees migrate south to Florida. They come in such numbers that the entire list can be compiled from places in Florida. However, The Villages tops the list because it’s not just a place that retirees love – it’s a whole community. developed on retire. Of the approximately 79,000 inhabitants, almost all are over 60, with an average age of 71.7.

Buying a home at The Villages may require a modest mortgage – The average price of a house is about $ 280,000, but for those who come from more expensive cities, it may be quite reasonable. Florida mortgage rates currently low. And while Florida property taxes are not the best, the state does charge no income tax

Florida is widely known for its favorable climate, and many retirees will appreciate the warm winters. Golf fans will love the many courses around Central Florida, and gardeners can use the long growing season to keep their green toes in good shape. Oh, and if you can’t wait to ditch your car, The Villages is for you; most residents travel around the city by electric vehicles, and special paths provide access to almost everything you need.

If you want to feel like a small town with the convenience of a big city, check out this Philadelphia suburb. The media is less than an hour’s drive from Philadelphia, but still retains its charm. The population is about 5,500, and although the average age is 39.8 years, about 20% of the residents are 60 and over.

Home prices will be slightly closer to those in Philadelphia than some would like, and an average home price of $ 330,000 could mean a mortgage for residents without a home to sell. On the other hand, Pennsylvania is not tax social security or other retirement income.

Media takes advantage of its location outside the city with many green spaces and a number of local and state parks. It also has culture, small museums and a local theater. If you are anxious to spend the night in the city, you can easily get to Philadelphia with all that the city has to offer.

3. Green Valley, Arizona

If you need the benefits of a specially created retirement community without hurricane risk, consider Green Valley, Arizona. The country’s population is just under 21,000, more than 80% of whom are aged 60 and over, with a median age of 73.1. Many communities in the area do not even allow residents under the age of 18.

In terms of taxes, you don’t have to worry about taxing your Social Security income, and below average property taxes… Housing prices are good here too, and you may not even need a mortgage to To buy a house if you can change the average home value of $ 175,000 by selling your previous residence.

The sunny backdrop of the Sonoran Desert and Santa Rita Mountains is a great place to hike, although you might want to find some home hobby for the summer. Finding things to do, of course, shouldn’t be too difficult, since you’re about half an hour’s drive from Tucson, and big-city entertainment is practically on your doorstep.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Another lonely spot, Las Vegas, may not seem like the best place to be on the surface, but look deeper. The median age of 650,000 residents is 36.8 years, but with 15% of people aged 60 and over, you will still have a lot of peers.

Like Florida, Nevada has many tax breaks. There is no personal income tax and no social security income is taxed. Property taxes are reasonable, which can help with mortgages when average house price that’s a pretty high $ 303,000.

On the other side, the cost of living can be quite low, especially when it comes to food and entertainment; Vegas buffets are legendary, and free entertainment is just a stroll down the Strip. You will also have a fair amount of outdoor activities, including golf courses, and a warm climate to enjoy.

Find the lifestyle you want

After working life, retirement is the time to live life to the fullest. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s going to be patio card games or desert walks. All of the locations on our list have a lot to offer, giving you a solid starting point to start looking for your next home.


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