Residential Properties Ltd. acquires Libby Kirwin Real Estate; RPL opens 8th office in Newport: NEREY



Sally Lapides, President and CEO of RPL, at the ribbon cutting ceremony
to open an office at 418 Spring Street – Newport.

Newport, Rhode Island Residential Properties Ltd., one of the leading real estate companies in Rhode Island, has opened a new office at 418 Spring St. after the acquisition of Libby Kirwin Real Estate. Along with the opening of the new office, RPL has added seven local real estate experts to work at the location, including broker partner Libby Kirwin.

Since opening its first office in 1981, Residential Properties Ltd. has quickly grown into the largest and most successful independent brokerage firm in the state. The company was recently included in the list of the 500 most successful real estate companies nationwide on the REAL Trends 2021 list. He now has over 250 agents and eight offices.

Libby Kirwin Real Estate (LKRE) has been a leading boutique firm in Newport since 2010. Kirwin and her agents have deep roots on Aquidnek Island as well as a stellar reputation. “Libby built a strong and respected business in Newport and wanted to take her company to the next level,” said RPL President and CEO Sally Lapides. “Residential property has been the # 1 best selling residential property in Rhode Island for over a decade, surpassing the billion dollar mark last year. With the addition of Libby Kirwin Real Estate to our more than 250 influential brokers, RPL will rapidly expand its presence in Newport, Portsmouth, Little Compton and Jamestown. ”

To kick off this new chapter on residential real estate, we recently interviewed Libby Kirwin to discuss joining the RPL and the range of opportunities in the near future.

What about RPL suited you and LKRE?
“I realized that my company was of such a size and capacity that it would be important to merge with a larger company, which is not represented on Akvidnek Island, in order to develop and remain competitive. The residential property was perfect. I was very impressed with Sally’s reputation and wanted a woman-run company to be the focus of Libby Kirwin Real Estate. “

What were your thoughts about RPL before joining the company?
“All the years that I have been in this business, I have known about Sally Lapides’ leadership qualities. It so happened that my husband Kevin Kirby did business with Sally through the insurance industry at Starkweather & Shepley. Kevin was the one who suggested that I contact her. “

Why is now the right time for you and your company?
“Libby Kirwin Real Estate had up to 15 agents and only eight. When we became a small office, I realized that it would be easier if we did the translation. So it’s time to join forces. “

What makes RPL so desirable to work with?
“Their infrastructure is definitely important. We are in a competitive business and trying to wear every hat is not sustainable in the long run. RPL’s support with a team that can help you appraise properties, draft paperwork and keep you updated on your business plan is critical. When I met with Sally and Libby, I realized that their work together is what I wanted to be a part of. “

Could you tell us about the Spring Street office and why this is a great place for both agents and clients?
“The Spring Street location has been a tremendous place for LKRE to grow and remain recognizable. It has many different directions of movement, which requires a lot of attention. People love how the building is positioned on this gorgeous corner. When I look at the other office premises that RPL occupies, it seems to me that they fit into the repertoire. It’s just a cute stylish office with great access to potential clients. “

What’s your design philosophy or aesthetic orientation?
“At heart I am a modernist. I strive to design and renovate homes with a contemporary aesthetic. I love rough diamonds and am passionate about the great design that I studied at Massachusetts College of Art. I am always inspired by up-and-coming artists. Whether it’s photography or oil paintings, I love the sense of connection through art. Of all the museums I’ve visited, the RISD Museum in Providence is probably one of my favorites because it has small collections of absolutely everything. I look forward to spending more time in Providence and expanding my business outside of Newport. ”

How do you inspire your team? / What inspires you?
“I love it when my agents focus on matchmaking. When someone is looking for a home, be it a tenant, buyer, or entrepreneur looking for the perfect commercial space, the moment they actually find it is overwhelming. You feel that you have contributed to someone’s future. Real estate is a place where people will grow up and watch their families grow. So, I inspire my agents by making them visualize where they see a specific customer. “

What are you most looking forward to from joining the RPL?
“I am looking forward to having more people in my world! I just love that Sally’s team is already supporting support. It’s nice to surround yourself with positive people that I have been missing for the past couple of years. I’m glad it all adds up. ”

Meet RPL Newport Channel Partners:

Joseph Costa – With a BA in Business and Sociology from Providence College, Joe got down to business and built a successful company by age 25, since then holding sales, marketing and management positions in tech startups and management consulting. He bought, renovated and sold 14 luxury homes throughout the East Coast.

Poehler Garrakhan – Poehler is an experienced Newport realtor who also worked in Narragansett. Prior to returning to Rhode Island, she gained invaluable professional experience with CBS Morning News, with Morgan Stanley in institutional sales and as an executive recruiter.

Brian Goednik – Brian received his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Rhode Island, where he was a member of the sailing and ski teams. He is a lifelong resident of Bristol, which gives him an extensive knowledge of East Bay and its real estate processes.

Sarah Kirwin-Brady – Originally from Avidnek Island, Sarah began working as an office administrator and personal assistant to her cousin Libby in 2010. In 2012, she acquired a license and moved to the role of realtor at Libby Kirwin Real Estate.

Samantha Tobin – Sam loves to live on the coast and call Aquidnek Island his home. When she bought her first home in Newport, she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in real estate. Sam shares with his clients his negotiating talents, analytical skills and understanding of the move.

Kathleen Wilson – With a career under 18 as a school counselor, Kathleen decided to take on the challenge and change during the pandemic to become a real estate agent. Her additional 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry and a long stay in Newport have allowed RPL to establish important connections in Rhode Island communities.

Marisa Ferris – Marisa has been a licensed realtor for 10 years and is the most efficient agent at Residential Properties. As a Rhode Island native with extensive local knowledge, her professionalism and perseverance have consistently driven her clients to success.

Libby Kirwin, brokerage lawyer “Born and raised in Newport, Libby has been in the real estate business for over twenty-eight years, staying one step ahead of everyone else. In addition, she is the Lead Design Consultant at Libby Kirwin Renovation & Design Consulting, established in 2012.

Residential Properties Ltd. is the largest privately owned real estate company in Rhode Island, serving buyers and sellers of unique properties since 1981 with service, innovation and hard work. The company, with eight local offices in Barrington, Cumberland, East Greenwich, Narragansett, Newport, Providence, West Side (PVD) and Westport, Massachusetts, serves all of Rhode Island, the Connecticut coast, and southeastern and central Massachusetts.


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