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Anyone looking to invest in real estate can now do so – in Dallas, Austin and Miami – with a new investment product from Republic and Nada.

Called City fundsThe launch combines the best of both companies.

New York-based Republic is an investment platform that allows budding startups to raise up to $ 1.07 million from anyone – friends, family, fans, and more – through regulated crowdfunding. It puts power into the hands of the public, allowing them to invest in the future they believe in.

Nada is a Dallas-based digital real estate startup that offers an alternative solution to the traditional commission structure of home sales. The vertically integrated platform democratizes real estate wealth by completely transforming a real estate transaction into a full-fledged service relationship for homeowners.

Cityfunds is getting married for two. Investments like indexes provide a targeted presence in the city’s real estate market through a portfolio of residential real estate assets – which means investment opportunities are available in the form of regulated crowdfunding offers hosted on Republic. In the same way that public stocks are traded, Republic and Nada seek to provide the ability to trade interests in the secondary market.

Cityfunds will be operated through a joint venture between Republic Real Estate and Nada.

“Republic’s latest real estate investment opportunity offers investors the opportunity to invest directly in some of the most dynamic real estate markets across the country,” said Jesse Stein, head of real estate at the Republic. “While real estate investment was an option for accredited investors only, we are confident that our new approach – transparent, affordable and accessible to all – will make the world’s largest asset class available to all investors.”

How does it work

Think of Cityfunds as a way to own a piece of your favorite city.

Each City Fund will only invest in single-family residential properties in a particular city. The model uses two approaches: the purchase of single-family rental homes and the partial investment in owner-occupied homes.

The latter approach will use the recently introduced product Nada Homeshares, which offers a way to exchange a fraction of your home equity for cash.

Like retirement and savings, Nada believes equity is earned. Homeshares acts as a way to unlock earned capital by exchanging it for debt-free cash to make home ownership more flexible. It does not require monthly payments, and the unlocked equity funds can be used to pay off debt, repairs, invest, and more.

This gives homeowners opportunities for liquidity and diversification, while opening up access to inventory for investors interested in high-demand real estate markets who may have a limited supply of housing.

All Cityfund investment activities will be available through the Nada portfolio management app. This includes tracking acquisitions, property-level information, and assessed value updates.

“Homeowners are highly exposed to the risk of using one illiquid asset – their home, while individual investors cannot access real estate due to low inventory levels and a lack of funds to compete with institutional investors,” said John Green, co-founder of and CEO of Nada, said. “Nada Homeshares’ product combined with Cityfunds addresses both of these challenges, providing liquidity for homeowners and access to real estate for all investors.”

Look forward to

Cityfunds debuted in Dallas, Austin and Miami on August 4, but Republic and Nada already have plans to scale nationwide and eventually overseas.

The first three funds are already active, according to Nada co-founder and CEO John Green. In about 24 hours, “we have 37 thousand dollars in Austin, 25 thousand dollars in Dallasand $ 20,000 in Miami, ”he told Dallas Innovates by email. Green invites competitive Dallas residents to take a look at the foundation.

The companies said Cityfunds was inspired by “the successful transformation of actively managed mutual funds into passively managed indexed exchange traded funds (ETFs).” With ETFs, investors can make more targeted decisions in a specific area, market, or risk profile.

They hope that investors using Cityfunds will benefit from rentals and higher house prices.

Nada and the Republic return

Local Nada campaigned in June 2020 across the Republic, raising 100 percent of its fundraising goal in just under a week. By the following year, Nada had raised $ 1.8 million from 4,000 public equity investors in the Republic.

This is the fourth-highest rise in public equity for a real estate company since it began tracking regulatory crowdfunding deals in 2017, according to Kingscrowd.

As for Nada, a $ 2.5 million seed round recently ended. from Global Millennial Capital, bringing its total capital to over $ 3 million.

Republic brought its Cities program to Dallas last year as part of its mission to launch in fast-growing, emerging cities that are working to create a level playing field for entrepreneurs. Republic Cities Dallas strives to connect with the local startup community by highlighting the companies that grow on Republic.

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