Report Shows 1.5 Million Homeowners Delayed Mortgage Payments – What To Do If You’re In Trouble



Delinquencies on mortgages fell to their lowest levels since the pandemic began, but that still leaves 1.5 million homeowners facing serious delinquency. (iStock)

A recent report showed that as the pandemic abstinence programs come to an end, many Americans are getting strong and able to pay their mortgage payments again. But this is not for everyone.

According to the Ministry of Finance, 1.5 million borrowers are still seriously overdue or 90 days or more in arrears with home loans late. June mortgage monitor report from the Black Knight.

While the national delinquency rate is at its lowest since the start of the pandemic, about 1 million homeowners are expected to be in serious delinquency since the start of the September wave of expiration of the mortgage waiver program, the report said.

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As mortgage delinquency rates fall, homeowners who are still having trouble making monthly payments have several options available to them through the private sector as well as government assistance. Here are three options that homeowners can consider in this situation:

  1. Refinance your mortgage
  2. Defer payments
  3. Home loan modification

1. Refinance your mortgage.: Refinancing is an option that homeowners may have considered last year when interest rates hit an all-time low. And the Biden administration has worked to make refinancing more attractive. the abolition of the refinancing commission of the pandemic era and even introduced a policy that makes it easier to refinance conventional loans secured by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. even if homeowners missed payments due to COVID-19.

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2. Defer payments: One option available to homeowners with federally backed mortgages is to defer missed payments. This option allows homeowners to resume normal mortgage payments, leaving missed payments to pay off at the end of the loan – usually when the homeowner sells their home or refinances.

3. Change in home loanA: Most homeowners who are struggling can contact their mortgage agent to discuss their options. In most cases, it is not profitable for a homeowner or maintenance staff to foreclose on a mortgage, so providers usually work with homeowners to change the terms of the loan so that their monthly payments are reduced.

In fact, the Biden administration announced at the end of July that it was helping homeowners in need with federal-funded home loans such as FHA loans, VA loans and other types of government loans that provide relief that can reduce their monthly payments by at least 25%.

Homeowners can find out what options they have by contacting their lender or by visiting an online marketplace like Credible, where they can compare multiple mortgage options at once.


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