Report: Sassuolo Won’t Accept Chiese-Like Credit Deal For Manuel Locatelli



Juventus and Sassuolo met last week to discuss the possible relocation of Manuel Locatelli. By all accounts, it was productive, and as a result, another Locatelli-related meeting is on the agenda this week. And if you are in the mood for Locatelli to move to Juventus, then that is good, because the more the two clubs talk, the more likely the young Italian will come to Turin seems good.

During the conversation, Juve and Sassuolo began to receive reports of how the deal might be structured. Juventus, mainly due to their current financial crisis, wants to do things in such a way that there is less money this summer and give them a chance to recover a bit when fans return to Allianz stadium.

Sassuolo doesn’t seem to understand this – to some extent. Here’s what Gianluca Di Marzio said in its last update on the negotiations between Juventus and Sassuolo for Locatelli:

Cost, formula and counterweight were discussed at the first meeting. The second meeting will continue after the first meeting after the player has agreed to any possible move.

Sassuolo would not have accepted a deal based on Chiesa’s transfer to Juventus, which was a two-year loan and a commitment to buy on certain terms. They will be open to an agreement based on an annual loan and a fixed purchase commitment.

Translation: Sassuolo is reluctant to strike a deal with Juventus for Locatelli, which includes a two-year fixed-price loan deal two years later. However, they will be ready to entertain Locatelli, who has signed a loan deal with Juventus for the 2021-2022 season with a buyout commitment next summer.

The good news in all of this is the fact that no one is reporting that the Sassuolo’s asking price is € 40 million, which we’ve been hearing about for weeks now.

Juventus has, according to previous reports, tried to involve young defender Radu Dragusin in the deal to try to reduce the amount of money they would have to pay to Sassuolo when the purchase commitment actually takes effect. Juventus will also pay around € 30 million – split between the loan and, of course, a permanent transfer fee – as part of Locatelli’s proposed deal.

It was also widely reported that Juventus and Locatelli have already agreed to personal terms on a five-year contract worth € 3 million net per season.


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