Report: Bayern Munich wants to hire Barcelona right-back (update: Sergino Dest – main target)


According to a report by RAC1 journalist Gerard Romero (considered quite reliable), Bavaria named Barcelona football club to inquire about a loan deal for one of their right-wing advocates. There is no information on what kind of player this could be, so any of Sergi Roberto, Sergino Dest or Emerson could be on the table.

This is the full length of the “report” as it is, and confirming its existence was a nightmare and a half. So, before I get to the question of plausibility, let me introduce you to the rabbit sock we go through to try and make sure our information is received properly. In a sea of ​​fake news, this job can get very difficult.

It starts with @iMiaSanMia’s tweet, followed by all Bayern fans. They actually try very hard to make sure their news is true, so this is a good sign. However, when it comes to non-German sources, it is best to find a source to back up the message.

The first step I usually take is to look at the responses and quote the tweets to see if anyone has called the post false. There was nothing like it here, so I instead took to Gerard Romero’s twitter to see if he had tweeted about the news. This led me to stream him on Twitch, which lasts almost TWO HOURS.

I tried to watch it, but this guy gave me a headache. So I tried to go to the original source – RAC1’s actual site… But in their sports section there was nothing in this news, but why? There is barely enough information to fill a tweet, I just chat about sources to fill the space.

In any case, when this path was closed for me, I switched to other aggregators, which usually publish reliable information. Other Barca accounts seem to post the story without issue, like Barca Universal:

You go through their replies and quote tweets and no one actually calls the news fake. Football fans are notorious for at least trying to sniff out nonsense – misguided nonsense, so this is a good sign. You can’t just attribute some old madness to a journalist and avoid being punished for it. In addition, even non-English-speaking accounts are tweeting about it:

So that’s what. If you speak Spanish / Catalan and can watch Romero’s Twitch streams, I will be my guest. Comment if the report does not exist. Now let’s assess the believability of the hearing.

Does Bayern need a right-back? YES. Does Barcelona need money? Also yes. Have the two clubs entered into similar deals in the past? Definitely. Just look at the transfer of Coutinho. This was the classic case of two FCBs solving each other’s problems through a credit deal.

The idea that Bayern would ask for a loan for one of Barça’s players is not far-fetched. In this sense, this report is probably accurate. Will it come to anything? Probably no. Even if we get a loan, the Catalans will not let go of Sergino Desta, who was the target of Bavaria in 2020. Instead, they will probably try to pass on to us Sergi Roberto, who is reportedly receiving a huge salary and is being asked to take a pay cut.

Will this be a good deal? Almost certainly not. Roberto is a mediocre midfielder and a mediocre right-back. Think of Joshua Kimmich, but significantly worse in every sense. At Bayern Munich, he sat on the bench next to Sarr all season.

So why are we trying to catch him? Well, flipish is to blame:

I warned you, slap! I warned that this would happen. Why should the football gods be seduced like that?


In fact, there is no new information, but Diario AS say Bayern wants to take advantage of Barça’s vulnerable position and sign Sergino Dest. However, the American would prefer to stay at Camp Nou, so the Bavarians may have to look at other Barça right-backs – either Sergi Roberto or Emerson.

There isn’t really any new information here, just a post confirming what fans might have guessed by now. If there is a chance to sign Dest, Bayern should definitely take advantage of it, but if the price has risen since last summer, this is unlikely to happen.

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