Reminder of Former Dividends: Camden Property Trust, First Bancorp and Blackstone Mortgage Trust



Llooking at the universe of stocks that we cover in Dividend Channel06/29/21, Camden Property Trust (symbol: CPT), First Bancorp (symbol: FBNC) and Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc (symbol: BXMT) will trade without dividends to receive the corresponding upcoming dividends. Camden Property Trust will pay its $ 0.83 quarterly dividend on 7/16/21, First Bancorp will pay its $ 0.20 quarterly dividend on 7/25/21 and Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc will pay its $ 0.62 quarterly dividend USA July 15. 21. As a percentage of the recent CPT share price of $ 134.80, this dividend is roughly 0.62%, so look for Camden Property Trust shares to trade 0.62% lower, all other things being equal, when the stock CPTs open for trading on June 29th. 21. Likewise, investors should expect FBNC to open 0.46% lower in price and BXMT to open 1.87% lower, all other things being equal.

Below are the dividend history charts for CPT, FBNC and BXMT, showing the historical dividend before the most recent dividend was declared.

Camden Property Trust (Symbol: CPT):

CPT + Dividends + History + Chart

First bank (symbol: FBNC):

FBNC + Dividends + History + Chart

Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc (symbol: BXMT):

BXMT + Dividends + History + Chart

Overall, dividends are not always predictable given the ups and downs of a company’s earnings over time. Thus, the first step for a proper due diligence in forecasting future annual returns is to look at the history above to feel stable over time. This can help in assessing whether the most recent dividend payments from these companies will continue. If they continue, the current estimated annualized rate of return is 2.46% for Camden Property Trust, 1.84% for First Bancorp and 7.48% for Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc.

In Friday trading, Camden Property Trust fell about 0.1%, First Bancorp rose about 0.3%, and Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc. rose about 0.3% on the day.

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