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Today I will end the story I mentioned last month about the Salinas family and their big impact on the title business. After working for countless title companies for many years, John Salinas (Abby’s husband) has joined forces with his good friend and colleague, Paige Bradleyand they started their own company, Artisan Title. As a teenager, John Salinas worked as a janitor for his father Greg’s first title company, Avery and Bowman Abstract, which later became Capital Title. John soon earned a reputation as one of the best researchers / researchers in the title business in Santa Fe. His career has included working with the big names in our titling industry – La Merle Boyd, Dan Terrell, Lee Montoya, Mark McFerrin, Drew Scott, Steve Reiman (little walk down memory lane, lollipops?). He met Paige while they were both at Fidelity Title.

Creampuffs, it was admiration and respect at first. Paige’s combination of experience as a lawyer and a loved one, as well as John’s many skills related to title politics, come together to make them a formidable team. The best part of Artisan Title is their location, location, location, at Paseo de Peralta, 1520. Kiddos, they won a triple victory: 1, meeting in the office next door, Sage bakery; 2, walking distance from farmers market on Tuesdays; and 3, parking for their customers.

Paige compares it to the Bermuda Triangle. … Customers could get lost in this choice so that they would never be heard of again. But think about it, Cupcakes, they might be lost, but they will be homeowners.

Further, dear readers, I share the sad news about the loss of a couple of our colleagues, but, nevertheless, we can pause and remember how much we liked them during the time we spent with them.

Sue Garfittspouse, Barb “Spike” Stevens, left this land on May 21. They met in Denver, where Barb worked as a realtor, in 1977. Sahars, it may not have been love at first sight, but it was love for four days. It was 45 years ago. Sue also became a real estate agent, and in 1987 they got tired of the big city, so they moved to the “village.” Then it went over to the house in El Dorado.

As a team, they sold properties at the Western Heritage Realty office in Eldorado until 1996, when they moved their licenses to Santa Fe Properties. Anyone who met Barb immediately admired her dry sense of humor and ingenuity. She was known for never sparing words. Barb was Sue’s mentor, her compass, the keeper of her heart. Sue had a monument to Barb in their home, in the same patio where they got married in 2014. It took place at Barb’s favorite time of the day, happy hour. The house and courtyard were filled with people who came to share their memories and show their love for an unforgettable person and friend Barb Stevens.

June 15 morning Gary Hall (Barker Realty) lost his battle with esophageal cancer, a diagnosis he received about eight months ago. Dear Hearts, I think the world of Barker Realty stood still for the moments when David Barker made an announcement. It was inconceivable that the supreme optimist and the extraordinary broker would or could yield to anything. His enthusiasm filled the room with energy during Tuesday morning meetings, he generously shared his knowledge with other brokers, his happiness and humor spread to all aspects of his life. We jokingly said that he had two wives. He and his wife are a realtor, Melea Artli, have been real estate partners for thirty years. He and his real wife, the love of his life, Melinda Hall (renowned artist, Gallery Jacobbe-Fritz) moved here from Ruidoso in the 1980s. Gary was hired as food and beverage manager at La Posada. Kittens, that’s where I met my beloved future client, Doug Atwillbecause at that time Doug had breakfast every morning in La Pau’s dining room with his best friend, Ron Robles… In fact, this could be what inspired Gary to get into real estate. Whatever inspires him, Gumdrops, I know we will miss his inspiration.

Both Barb and Gary lived life to the fullest, always fighting for more time on this earth. They gave everything they had every day. Buttercup, Barb and Gary personified how to “live like someone left the gate open.”

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