Reigo Investments Completes First Securitization of $ 100 Million Residential Bridge Loans Using Artificial Intelligence



AI technology improves underwriting speed, reduces loan defaults and optimizes risk-adjusted returns for investors.

TEL AVIV, Israel, 03 August 2021– (BUSINESS WIRING) –Reigo Investments, a global real estate financial technology company using data science to reshape the residential debt market, today announced the closure of the $ 100 million securitization of bridging home loans led by Cantor Fitzgerald, a leading global finance and investment firm in real estate. …

In April 2020, US home inventories totaled just 1.16 million units, down 20.5% from the previous year. As a result, the pandemic has left its mark on the housing industry, increasing the need for flexible options. To do this, Reigo’s innovative technology uses big data and machine learning technologies.

The algorithmic approach has been tested on hundreds of thousands of historical loans and is constantly being improved with new data combined with machine learning. As a result, Reigo’s underwriting process also significantly reduces loan defaults while optimizing risk-adjusted returns for investors.

“We have witnessed the success of our company since its inception in 2018. Using data science really sets us apart. Combined with our expertise in real estate debt financing, we deliver increased productivity, reduced defaults and shorter underwriting times, ”said Yariv. Omer, CEO of Reigo Investments. “Underwriting within 24 hours means you can determine the optimal loans and act faster, faster than your competitors. We are modernizing and optimizing the historical process that requires large expenditures of human capital, and we are confidently building a portfolio of high-quality loans. “

The securitization provides for a renewable period of 24 months, after which the amortization of the transaction will begin. Loan Pool – Loans for business purposes, 100 percent of management positions for 6 to 24 months. In addition, equity and whole loans will be included in the securitization. Property types include SFR, tenement, mixed, land and construction loans.

“The methods of underwriting real estate debt have not been adjusted for decades. Our technology brings together hundreds of data sources to evaluate, evaluate and select the best loans on the market to deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns, ”said Uri Zror, Reigo Director of Revenue.

Deirdre Harrington, Senior Managing Director of Cantor Fitzgerald, commented: “Cantor Fitzgerald is delighted to partner with Reigo on their first securitization. We expect their advanced technology and first-class team to establish leadership and support growth in the residential bridge lending sector. and beyond. “

Founded in 2018, Reigo was founded by best-in-class mathematicians, engineers and real estate professionals with a mission to connect these worlds in new ways for more innovative real estate debt underwriting. Reigo uses external data points for over a decade for short-term real estate loans. This data aggregates information on the borrower, capital amount, loan conditions, property and market at both local and national levels, including macro indicators. It is then applied to its own historical short-term loan database to provide information and projections, allowing investors to drastically reduce their NPL investment potential.

About Reigo

Reigo is a technology investment manager specializing in the market for bridging real estate loans. The company uses AI in its underwriting process to make quick and safe investment decisions within 24 hours. Reigo partners with private real estate lenders in the United States to buy and participate in residential investment loans issued by lenders. Since 2019, the company has taken part in over 600 loans. Reigo was founded in 2018 by experienced real estate and technology professionals with offices in New York and Tel Aviv.

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