Refinancing of floating rate loans



At Nasdaq Copenhagen

Refinancing floating rate loans

The Nykredit Group held floating rate loan refinancing auctions on October 1, 2021.

The results of the auctions are presented below. Spreads will remain in effect until the next refinancing.

Cibor-loan Cita-loan
V DK000953237-6 DK000953210-3
Reference rate Cibor 3M Cita 3M
Indoor pool G (RO) H (SDO)
Series 32G 32H
Called No Yes
Auction results
Total allocated DKK 8 900 sq.m. DKK 4300m
Total bets DKK 19,535 million DKK 9,380 million
Interest rate spread +0.00% +0.10%
Price 100.20 100.00
Additional Information
Maturity 01-ten-2024 01-04-2024

Requests can be directed to Group Treasury, Emil Schmidt Andreasen, tel. +45 44 55 22 72


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