Redfin launches assistance program for real estate professionals



Redfin is taking advantage of the Americans. increased interest in a career as a real estate selleras evidenced by the record increase in the membership of the National Association of Realtors in 2020. As of July 8, applicants for properties in Seattle, Washington, Maryland and Virginia can start their journey with Career accelerator program Redfin

Katherine Rion | Credit: Redfin.

“Many people who want to pursue a career in real estate are discouraged by the start-up costs, financial insecurity, lack of benefits, and the sink-or-float mentality that is common in the industry,” said Catherine Rion, senior director of real estate. in a prepared statement. “By providing on-the-job training and removing barriers and costs for new agents, we hope to encourage people from different walks of life to join us in our mission to change the definition of real estate in the consumer’s favor.”

“You don’t have to dig into your savings, go into debt, or give up health care just to start working in real estate, “she added.

Participants must submit an application to their markets by August 31st via My Jobs or LinkedIn… While applicants for acceleration can be from any industry, Redfin noted that they prefer seasoned professionals with retail, hospitality, sales, or military backgrounds.

Once hired, participants must complete their licensing courses and pass their state licensing exam by the end of October so that they can begin their positions in November. Each agent will receive personalized training and instruction to help them successfully complete their first year at Redfin.

“An experienced local trainer will train new agents for their first three operations,” the announcement says. “Like all Redfin agents, trainees will have access to Redfin’s leading technology platform and will be able to meet serious clients through the Redfin website so they can start growing their business right away.”

Finally, interns will receive a $ 1,500 subscription bonus to help them transition. “Typically, you need to spend money to make money on real estate, and new agents often accumulate debts in fees, royalties, marketing and technology costs before they sell a house or make a penny,” Rion said of the decision to propose a signing. bonus.

The executive director said the decision to launch the accelerator was due to Redfin’s tremendous growth over the past yearand one of the best ways to meet a brokerage’s hiring needs is to find talent outside of the industry.

“To keep pace with our rapid growth, we need to develop talent from other industries as well as recent graduates,” she concluded. “We are thrilled to soon welcome our first group of trainee agents to Seattle and Washington DC and enable them to embark on full-fledged careers in which they can make a difference in people’s lives.”

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