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Peter Warhurst

BOSTON – Red Rover, the innovator of Fetchable Storage®, enters the Boston market this month from the founder of PODS.

The Tampa, Florida company is now open at 249 Oceana Way in Norwood and also at 15 Liberty Way in Franklin to serve greater Boston. Both locations have self-service areas giving customers access to pre-loaded trucks and containers, and Norwood has a 30,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility to store all customers’ containers.

Compared to other options for moving and storing containers, Red Rover has eliminated costly shipping fees by allowing the customer to use their trucks for free and has developed a patent-pending automated ramp that gives customers better options for loading their belongings, including with side of the truck, which is especially useful where parking is expensive.

Red Rover has developed and launched a new category in the market known as Fetchable Moving & Storage ™ with the goal of providing customers with a more affordable move and storage option. The model provides portable storage units pre-loaded onto a truck that the customer picks up and drives free. The device is then placed in a warehouse in one of Red Rover’s climate controlled warehouses. If a customer leaves the market, Red Rover® will take care of the transportation between locations.

“Boston is one of the most popular real estate markets in the country, where students and intellectual workers are constantly on the move – and often every September 1,” said Peter Warhurst, CEO and founder of Red Rover. “At many locations, we can offer the only realistic option for easy loading on tight streets. We believe our unique model is well suited to serve this market. We have also seen a significant increase in the number of people moving from the northeast, usually south, and we are well positioned to help clients with these moves. ”

The process has been designed so that the client has minimal, if any, human contact, in line with current consumer trends due to COVID concerns. All information is collected online and / or over the phone, there is no “counter” when the customer goes to get his truck, and the trucks and containers are brand new and disinfected between each use. At the same time, a virtual concierge team is available to accompany clients at every stage of their move.

Red Rover’s key competitive advantage is that customers can use the truck for free, including 60 miles, gasoline and a cart. When a customer is ready to pick up their truck and storage container, the code text provides access to the Red Rover’s private location. The customer then has from 8:00 am to midnight to fill their container and return the truck. The storage unit is then stored in one of Red Rover’s climate-controlled secure rooms until the customer needs to return their belongings. Do not load the truck, do not unload the truck, and do not overload things in storage. The company currently operates in Florida, New York, Texas and the Carolina and is actively looking for new locations.

When traveling long distances, the customer drives the car on their own, but Red Rover delivers the container to the customer’s new location – and even delivers it directly to his home in many places.

Local trucks are equipped with innovative features such as backup cameras, lane departure warnings and a patented remote-controlled ramp so customers don’t have to struggle with lifting and installing a heavy ramp – it’s literally a push of a button. The ramp allows for rear or side loading, which is especially valuable in urban areas with limited space.

Red Rover currently has three branches in the Tampa Bay area, 2 in Long Island, NY, 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina and plans to expand its presence in the country over the next three years.

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