Recruiting in a competitive market



In terms of internal support for Arc Home, the executive management team interacts with each level of the business on a daily basis. They are available and have an open door policy, which you don’t.I see it often at this level. Meetings are held monthly with the CEO and senior management to ensure that all Arc Home employees know thatwhat is happening and what they can expect in the coming months. There are Q&A where employees ask senior management questions, and there are quarterly awards where employees can nominate their colleagues to celebrate their success. We all have one goal, which is why monthly face-to-face meetings at the Town Hall contribute to success in all areas of Arc Home.

At Arc Home weI don’t see the pandemic as an obstacle to business. We see this as a challenge and opportunity to explore different recruiting methods and find talent across the country. We had to make quick hiring decisions and have seen significant growth through this. Arc Home is one of the few mortgage companies that hasn’t laid off employees in the non-QM sector due to the pandemic. We transferred these employees to other areas, which gave them the opportunity to explore another aspect of the business. Arc Home has grown from 130 employees in January 2020 to approximately 310 employees today.

Through challenges weover the past year and a half, I have faced one of the most important problems with which Arc HomeContinuous growth is employee referrals. I always say talent knows talent. ” We have a robust referral program and appreciate that our employees value their time here. Our staff want to share their experiences with Arc Home and continue to recommend others to become members.

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